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Data Scientist Padmini Persaud is on a mission to redefine modern agriculture.jpg

Padmini Persaud

Padmini Persaud is on a mission to redefine farming practices. This 28-year-old data scientist is the mastermind behind the new carbon tracking module in Amino, the cloud-based platform developed by MTech Systems* to help food producers optimize their entire value chain, from breeding to feeding.

Since starting the project, Padmini has immersed herself in the agricultural world, striving to comprehend the intricate needs of the industry. What she discovered along the way left her intrigued and inspired.

"I don't think people understand that agriculture can be extremely sustainable," she says. "It generates a lot of emissions, but in its commitment to maximize efficiency lies the opportunity to increase waste reduction and conservation.”

The carbon accounting module of Amino will help food producers understand where most of their emissions come from, supporting them in their efforts towards a more responsible business. In the future, Padmini envisions expanding the module to include other critical aspects of production byproducts to achieve a holistic approach to farming.

With hopes for the module’s availability in the near future, Padmini looks forward to real-world resting and third-party verification. “Working closely with farmers and food producers next year will enable us to fine-tune the module and help us achieve a significant milestone,” she says.

Padmini’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the confines of her role. Last spring, she started a sustainability group at her office in the US. Her initiative has since been replicated at the company's offices in Mexico and Brazil. In addition to doing community initiatives, such as planting trees and picking litter, the groups have launch parties for documentaries and every month they hold seminars on topics such as climate change and water conservation. About 50-60 employees come to these sessions, including members of the management team.

“MTech Systems’ culture aligns with my values,” she says. “They’re committed to making a positive impact on society. It’s a nurturing and supportive company, and I feel truly fortunate to be part of it.”

*MTech Systems is a Munters company.

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