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Engineering Competence

Engineering Competence

Munters offers top class engineering capabilities within Mass Transfer solutions including process design services, hydraulic rating, mechanical design and research & development.

Process Design

Munters caters to process design services for various applications.

Appropriate selection and sizing of equipment for new projects or capacity increase/de-bottlenecking of existing plants are of utmost importance for optimum operation, success and viability of the plant. To meet this service requirement for our clients, it is essential to use computer aided software programs for designing of towers.

In order to keep knowledge up-to-date, regular in-house hands-on training is arranged with industry experts.

Our close working association with industry experts gives us the distinct advantage of working out process solutions for complex systems.

Hydraulic Rating

Over a period of more than three decades, Munters has gained vast experience in hydraulic rating of towers. Its vast clientele offers a proven track record of all of Munters' valuable rating services.

The hydraulic rating is computed using an in-house developed software program, which checks and ensures optimum throughput for the towers under conditions stated by the customer. The program aids in highlighting problems that may arise due to improper selection of equipment, while establishing whether or not existing equipment can be re-employed for higher or customer-specific throughputs. Munters regularly performs the following hydraulic calculations:

  • Hydraulic rating of packed columns (random and structured) to guarantee pressure drop, liquid hold-up and flooding
  • Hydraulic rating of tray columns (bubble cap, sieve, valve and baffle tray columns) to guarantee pressure drop, jet flooding and down-comer flooding
  • Hydraulic rating of internals (feed pipes, liquid distributors, flash feed devices etc.) to ensure adequate performance of these critical components

It would be worthwhile to note that our past collaborator had regularly outsourced our hydraulic rating activity, along with the related mechanical design and supply of equipment.

The results are well-proven with positive feedback and accolades received from customers.

Mechanical Design

Munters' automated in-house design software enables quick delivery of design and drafting services for all mass transfer equipment.

We have experience in designing and drafting various types of packed column internals including high performance distributors /redistributors, chimney trays and trays including high capacity trays, etc. In-house manufacturing facilities, automation and proficient communication systems and protocols between the mechanical and production software have ensured nearly flawless fabrication and shop detail drawings. This ensures fault-free manufacturing as well as eliminating problems associated with installation on site.

Research & Development

R&D is critical for our further development and keeping our position as an industry leader within the field of mass transfer equipment. Munters ,a member of F.R.I. (Fractionation Research Inc),GPSA and is keen on providing efficient and sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

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