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Munters has extensive experience within mass transfer projects. Past projects include industries such as bio fuel, oil and gas, paper and pulp and more.

Munters' offers mass transfer solution to various industries for retrofits as well as greenfield projects. Below are some industries Munters has served over the years:

  1. Agrochemicals

  2. Air Separation

  3. Bio-Fuel (Ethanol)

  4. Chlor Alkali

  5. Distillery

  6. Fertilizer

  7. Metallurgical

  8. Oil and Gas

  9. Oleochemicals

10. Organic Chemicals

11. Paper and Pulp

12. Petrochemicals                           

13. Pharmaceuticals                          

14. Power Generation                    

15. Refinery                                        

16. Rubber Chemicals                       

17. Specialty Chemicals                    

18. Sulphuric Acid     



Customer / End User Service
Cheminova India Ltd.  Ethyl Acetate Column
DE-NOCIL Crop Production Ltd.  Vent Scrubber and Stripping Tower 
Gujarat Insecticides Ltd.  Mixed Aldehyde Fractionation Column
Rallis India Ltd.   PEKK Plant  - Methanol and ODCB Distillation Column
Syngenta India Ltd.  Dimethyl Carbonate DMCDrying Column 

Air Separation 

Customer/End User Service
Air Products  Direct Contact After Cooler and Waste Nitrogen Chiller
BOC India Ltd.  Direct Contact After Cooler 
Inox Air Products Ltd.  Vaporization Cooler; DCA, Nitrogen Cooler
Jindal Praxair Oxygen Co. Pvt. Ltd.  Air Separation Plant  - Direct Contact After Cooler 
Praxair Carbondioxide Pvt. Ltd.  COPlant
Rhine Engineering Pvt. Ltd.  HP Gas Scrubber

Bio-Fuel (Ethanol)

Customer/End User Service
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. LLC Primary CO2 Scrubber Column; Beer Column; Rectifier Column; Stripper Column and Acid Reduction Column 
Greater Ohio Ethanol LLC Ethanol Sieves

Chlor Alkali

Customer/ End User Service
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.  Plant III - Caustic Chlorosolvents 
DWC Ltd.  Soda Ash Division: Stripper Column
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.  Chlorine Dryer; Acid Separator; Absorber
Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.  Gas Scrubber Column
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd.  Absorber-I; Absorber-II
Tata Chemicals Ltd.  Absorber Column& Free Ammonia Still; Regenerator: CO2 Absorber
Thair Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd.  Chlor Alkali Division - Absorber
Travancore Cochin Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.  Caustic Soda Plant - Air Degasser Unit


Customer/End User Service
Balaji Distilleries Ltd. Breweries Division
International gasohol Corpn Ltd. (IGA) Alcohol Project  - Ethanol Absorber Column
Rampur Distillery Ltd.  Alcohol Scrubber Column 


Customer/End User Service
Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn Bhd. Fertilizer Plant
Bramhaputra Valley Fertilizers Corpon. Ltd.  Namrup Revamp, Ammonia Plant-II, CO2 Absorber and CO2 Regenerator
Burrup Fertilizers Ltd.  2200 MTPD Ammonia Plant  - COAbsorber; L.P. Flash Drum; H.P. Flash Drum
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.  Ammonia-I Plant Revamp: COAbsorber; Regenerator
Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Ltd.  Nitric Acid Plant: Vapor Separator; Prilling Air Scrubber; Final Scrubber 
Godavari Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.  DAP Plant - 2nd Stage Tail Gas Scrubber for Train 'A'and 'B': Cyclonic Scrubber Column
Grande Paroisse Ammonia Plant - CO2 Stripping Column
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Corporation Urea Plant Revamp: Ammonia Absorption Column; Phosgene Absorber  
Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Ltd. (IFFCO) Ammonia Plant CO2 Absorber Column; Ammonia Wash Unit; Naphtha Deareator Surge Drum 
Indo Gulf Fertilizer & Chemical Corporation Ltd.  1500 MTPD Ammonia Plant: LP Regenerator for CO2 Removal
JSC Acron COAbsorber; Regenerator 
KRIBHCO Ammonia Stripper
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.  Urea Plant Revamp: LP Scrubber Column 
Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd.  Ammonia Plant for Nitrogenous Fertilizer - Absorber; CO2 Removal GV Section Revamp 
Oman India Fertilizer Co. (SAOC)  Ammonia Plant: 1st Regenerator and 2nd Regenerator; Vetrocoke Absorber; Process Condensate Stripper; Purge Gas Absorber; Off Gas Absorber; Distillation Column   
Petronas Fertilizer (Kedah) Snd Bhd. Urea Plant Deareator Column and Benfield Regenerator Column
Qatar Fertilizer Co. S.A.Q. Ammonia/Urea Plant, QAFCO Expansion: Methanol Vaporizer Column; Dereator Column
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.  Ammonia Revamp Project-I: Benfield Absorber and Regenerator; Tail Gas Scrubber
Ruwais Fertilizer Industries  Urea De-bottlenecking Project: Quencher; Absober 
The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. (FACT) 900 TPD Ammonia Project: LP FLash Drum; HP Flash Drum; Naphtha Deareator; CO2 Stripper; CO2 Washing Column; CO2 Absorber; Off Gas Absorber; BFW Deareator 
Zuari Industries Ltd. CO2 Absorber




Customer/End User Service
Arcelor Mittal Steel DCC Cooler; Waste Nitrogen Chiller
Essar Steel Ltd.  Hot Briquetted Iron Plant: Cool Gas Scrubber
Impala Platinum Springs (PMR) Effluent Crystallizer Plant
Jindal India Ltd.  Absorber; Scrubber
KPG-Hlsmelt Pty Ltd.  Off Gas Cleaning Plant: On Gas Cooler & Pre-heater
Nippon Denro Ispat Ltd. Steel Plant
Steel Authority of India Ltd.  Air Separation Unit #2 Vaporization Cooler 
Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (TISCO) Oxygen Plant: Waster Nitrogen Vaporization Cooler Column

Oil and Gas

Customer/End User Service
Abu Dhabi Gas Co. (GASCO) ASAB Gas Plant
Gas Authority of India Ltd.  UPPC - Auraiya: Sweet Gas Water Wash Column
Kuwait Oil Company Gravity Separator
Oil & Natural gas Commission Ltd. (ONGC) Glycol Still for Gas Dehydration System; Crude Distillation Column; Naphtha Side Stripper; Kerosene Side Stripper; Diesel Side Stripper; Naphtha Stabilizer Tower 
The Bahrain Petroleum Co. Ltd.  TEG Contractor 


Customer/End User Service
Ecooils Sdn Bhd FFA Column
Godrej Foods Ltd. Vegetable Oils Div: P-CD Deodorizer Column
Godrej Industries Ltd.  Scrubber Column
Hindustan Lever Ltd.  DFA Plant: Backend Still
Swastik Vegetable Oil Products Ltd. Fatty Acid
VVF Ltd.  Hydrogen Gas Generation Column

Organic Chemicals 

Customer/ End User Service
Atul Ltd.  Phosgene Expansion: Caustic Scrubber
Gujarat Organics Ltd.  Chlorine Scrubber Column
Jubilant Organosys Ltd.  Rec. Ethyl Acetate and Pyridine Column; NH3 Column
Nascent Chemical Industries Ltd. Chlorobenzene Separation Column

Paper and Pulp

Customer/ End User Service
ARACRUZ Stripper Column
Imetame - Aracuz Cellulose S.A. Methanol Stripping Column
Sappi Ngodwana Mills  Pulp Paper Mill: Foul Condensate Stripping Column
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.  Cell Gas Scrubber


Customer/End User Service
Dairen Chemical (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.  MY - Project  - Nitrogen Humidifier Column; Vent Gas Scrubber Column; VAM Scrubbing Column
Dairen Chemical Corp.  VA-II Project; VAM-II Project; MY -P roject
DOW Chemical Co. Polyolefin R&D Plant
Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd.  JGC Yokohoma: Sea Oxo Project  
Finolex Industries Ltd.  PVC Plant
Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corp. FCNB-IPA
Formosa Platics Corp.  Methyl Methacrylate Plant - Raw MMA Rectifier
Foster Wheeler - Celanese Singapore Pte. Ltd.  Acetyle Project: Vent Scrubber Column; Lights Ends Absorber Column; Alkaline Removal Column; Vent Scrubber Column
Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. Naphtha Cracker Associated Units: Benzene Unit; PGH Unit; Butadiene Units
India Glycols Ltd.  MEG Expansion Porject: Ethylene Wash Column; Alcohol Purge Stripper Column; Acetaldehyde Column; Reactor Steam Drums; Contactor K.O. Drum; Contactor; Re-absorber Column; Glycol Feed Stripper Column; Third Effect Overhead Wash Column; TEG Column; Rectifier cum Exhaust Column
Indian Petrochemical Corp. Ltd.  Butadiene Revamp
Jubail Chevron Phillips Co.  Ethylene Plant: Quench Water Tower 
National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd. Ethylene Oxide Plant: CO2 Absorber
National Petrochemical Company Isocyanate Project Phase 2
Reliance Industries Ltd.  UOP Modular 4500 CCR Cyclemax Regeneration Package; Hexane Distillation; Stripper
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Pre Effect Evaporator
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.  Epichlorohydrin Project
The Andhara Petrochemicals Ltd.  APL Optimization and Modernization Facility 




Customer/End User Service 
Alembic Ltd.  Solvent Recovery: Distillation Column
Cadilla Healthcare Ltd.  Stripper
Dr.Reddys Labs Ltd.   Bulk Drug Unit: Acetone Water Column
Fresenious Kabi Oncology Ltd.  Falling Film Evaporator
Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Ltd.  Fractional Distillation Column
Lupin Laboratories Ltd.  Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column
New Generic Drug House Ltd.  Scrubber Column
Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. Pentane and MVK Distillation; Stripping; Distillation Column 
Novin Kavosh Mamatir Co.  Nicotinamide Column and Vitamin B1 Column
Sun Pharamaceutical Industries Ltd. Solvent Recovery
Zydus Cadilla Healthcare Ltd. Bulk Drugs Unit, Solvent Recovery Plant: Methanol-Water Distillation Column

Power Generation

Customer/End User Service
Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group, INC Confidencial 
Shuibah Water & Electric Co. CO2 Degasifier; Absorber
Tata Power Co. Ltd.  500 MW FGD-1: Sea Water Flue Gas Scrubber Column
TRU Energy Condensate Stabilizer


Customer/End User Service
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Caustic Wash Drum
Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd.  Motor Spirit Block, Hydro-cracker and Diesel Hydro-treating Unit: Coker Fractionator 
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  Fractionating Column; Propylene Recovery; Lp Amine Absorber
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Horizon Oil Sands Project Gas Scrubber; Naphtha Stabilizer: Stripper
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  Diesel Hydro-treating Unit; Isomerization/LPG Recovery Unit; NHDT/Isom Unit; CDU/VDU III Revamp; 1st Stage Stripper Column; Rich Amine Flash Column
Chevron Refinery
Exxon Mobil Joilet LSM Low Sulphur Mogas Project: Splitter Column; LCN Stripper Column; Stabilizer Column; ICN/HCN Naphtha Splitter Column; Gasoline Side Stripper Column; Product Fractionator  Column; LCN Naphtha Splitter Column and Naphtha Splitter Column
Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.  Green Fuel and Emission Control Project; HDT Stripper
HPCL - Mittal Energy Ltd.  CGSR Project, DHDT Unit; VGO Hydro-treater Unit; CDU/VDU Unit; Hydrogen Generation Unit, H2S Stripper; Deaerator 
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.  Diesel Hydro-treater(ARU); Main Fractionator Column; VDU Revamp Phase-II: Vacuum Column; Benzene Stripper; Hexane Distillation Column; Gasoline Desuplurization Unit; Naphtha Stabilizer; Diesel Hydro-treating Unit; Amine Treatment Unit: Ethylene Plant; Wash Tower (MEG UNIT); Deethaniser 
Kuwait National Petroleum Co. (KSC) Mina Abdullah Refinery
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.  Phase II Expansion Project: Vacuum Column; Diesel Section and HVGO Section and LVGO Section; CDU/VDUCFC LPG Treating and ATF Treating Units: Phase III Refinery Project
Numaligarh Refinery Ltd.  225TMT Motor Spirit Project - Isomerization - LPG Recovery Plant, Caustic Scrubber
Petrobras Revamp - Henrique Lage Refinery: Light Cycle Oil Stripper; Distillation Towers
Petroleos de Venezuela S.A (PDVSA) Chlorine Suction Chiller
Reliance Petroleum Ltd.  4500 PPH Cyclemax Regenration Package , Continous Catalyst Regeneration Unit - Vent Gas Wash Tower; Amine Absorber; Regenerator 
Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery - Vacuum Column Revamp



Rubber Chemicals

Customer/End User Service
National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd. Distillation Column

Specialty Chemicals

Customer/End User Service 
Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd. Epoxy Division: Prerun Drum; Epicholorohydrin Stripper; Methanol Recovery: Toluene Stripping Column
Air Liquid Thailad, Bayer Polymer Plant  Reformer
Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt Ltd. Reactor Column
Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.  SO3 Absorption Column
Gujarat Fluorochem Ltd.  CFC Distillation Column
Hikal Ltd.  Nitrogen Oxide Scrubber
Indian Acrylic Ltd.  Polymer Preparation Solvent Recovery Plant: TAR Still Column
National Peroxide Ltd. Hydrogen Peroxide Extraction
Petro Araldite Pvt. Ltd.  IMPACT Project: Brine Column and Vent Scrubber and Dust Filter
Pidilite Industries Ltd. Methanol Distillation Column
Reliance Silicones Ltd.  Chlorosilane Distillation Column
Singapore Syngas Pte Ltd.  Singapore Gassification Hub Project: HCN/Methanol/Water Separation Column
SRF Ltd.  Fluorochem Division
Thai Peroxide Co.  Distillation Column
Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.  Azeo Column



Sulphuric Acid

Customer/End User Service
National Co. For Sulphur Pdts AlkaliScrubber Column
Shalina Labs Pvt. Ltd.  Sulphuric Acid Plant: Alkali Scrubber Column
Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd. Sulphuric Acid Plant
The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co. Ltd. Sulphuric Acid Absorption

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