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Water Damage Restoration

Restoring damage caused by water requires small, compact, robust and highly efficient dehumidifiers. Munters supply both desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers together with a range of equipment to cover the most common applications within restoration.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Munters ComDry-series and the work-horse MCS300 are all desiccant dehumidifiers that are both compact and feature a high air-flow, even when operating in low ambient temperatures. The dehumidifiers in the ComDry-series feature an integrated humidistat, hour meter etc. and have an air-cooled condenser and/or pump as an option.


Refrigerant dehumidifiers

When temperature and humidity are high, refrigerant dehumidifiers are very effective. DrizAir1200 and Revolution LGR with their robust design are ideal and very easy to handle – the Revolution stands out with its very small size and uniquely high capacity thanks to a new design featuring two cooling coils.


Dehumidification can be dramatically optimized by using fans which release humidity fast from materials and buildings (wall/floors/ceiling) into the air. This process saves both time and energy. We supply a variety of accessories for the fans like filterbags, distribution adaptors etc. – read here to learn more.

Air Cleaning

After the drying process, there will often by a need to remove mold and fungus. For this, our air cleaner HEPA500 with its unique design, is ideal. HEPA500 is easy to transport, handle and operate whilst securing an optimal air cleaning with its advanced filtration system.

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Ozone machine

For removal of unwelcome odors, our ozone machine Duozone provides the solution. DuoZone generates and regenerates ozone in one process. This results in a very safe and simple cleaning procedure which guarantees efficient and safe optimal odor elimination eg. after fires or when hotel rooms have been affected by guests smoking.

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