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Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling

Munters cooling solutions for data centers stand out and are designed to make data center cooling safer and more efficient – saving energy, water and space.

The difference in data center cooling

Data centers are an essential in our increasingly digital world, and the technology that stores all of this valuable information needs to operate in a certain type of climate. To provide that, Munters can offer outstanding solutions for cooling.


The Munters advantage

Munters has a long-established reputation as the experts in energy efficient climate technology, providing customers around the world with industry-leading solutions since 1955. We are always focused on evolution and innovation, and this is especially apparent with our unique cooling media and modules designed for use in modern data centers.



Why choose Munters Data Center solutions?

We offer a range of cooling media, and will help you to select the best option for your specific needs. However, we also provide full, modular units, which can help improve uptime whilst cutting installation costs. Complete the form below to download our whitepaper.

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Munters GLASdekTM GX 40 advantages

This unique material gives you a number of advantages thanks to its unique production process.

Higher cooling ratio

GLASdekTM GX 40 pads can handle far more air velocity than the competition. This means you need less fans for the required results, offering significant savings in the long run

Fireproof material

GLASdekTM GX 40 is baked twice and ceramically coated, making it fireproof as opposed to more common media types, which can be extremely flammable

Munters GLASdek ceramic coating  symbol_150x190.png

Lower water consumption

Our modules consume less water, which is ideal for certain areas where clean, pure water is at a premium

Hard water handling

Our modules are robust enough to handle almost any water, no matter the hardness or the pH. This could mean you don’t need to invest in a full water purifying system on site

Long lasting

Because of how our media modules are made, they can last up to twice as long as the nearest competitor. This means less downtime, and better profit margins


The pads are robust and resistant enough to clean them using acids and disinfectants, without ruining their integrity. This means, once again, less replacement pads, and better uptime

Anti-legionella certification

Evaporative cooling relies on water troughs, and in the right conditions these can be home to legionella bacteria. GLASdek pads are proven against legionella, eliminating the risk of infection amongst people in the data center as a result of cooling.


Munters FA6™ Evaporative humidifier


The Munters FA6TM is a direct evaporative cooler and humidifier, which has been specially designed for easy integration into the air-handling system within any building. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and levels of efficiency to suit your needs. FA6 features one or more cassettes with GLASdekTM non-combustible evaporative media that allow for use of water straight from the tap.


  • High efficiency and ultra-low energy use
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • No water treatment required
  • Safe and hygienic with legionella-blocking technology

The FA6TM can be easily controlled to address even the most demanding conditions. A full range of accessories allows to adapt it to many different applications.


Calculate your profit


Munters GLASdekTM GX 40 provides the lowest total cost over time. Contact Munters for a TCO analysis.

Setting the standards in servicing

No matter where you are in the world, we’re here to help. Munters is a global presence, and we offer real flexibility when it comes to service and maintenance. We know that no two customers are the same, so we can arrange service to suit your specific needs. Munters products are designed to last, but in the event of required repairs, we’re there for you.

If you want to find out more about Munters solutions for data centers, please download our brochure.


Case study: Danfoss

Munters FA6 evaporative cooling promotes extensive savings.
With a massive focus on heat recovery and energy-saving ventilation and cooling solutions, NB Ventilation uses Munters' evaporative cooling solutions, for which completely carbon emission free and indirect evaporative cooling can often be supplied. Read the full story here.

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