Auszeichnungen und Preise

Sehen Sie hier einige der vielen Auszeichnungen und Preise, die Munters erhalten hat

Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 

Das OASIS™ IEC System von Munters für eine effiziente und sichere Rechenzentrumskühlung ohne Kompressionskälte gewinnt in diesem Jahr den Deutschen Rechenzentrumspreis in der Kategorie „RZ-Klimatisierung und Kühlung“. Lesen Sie hier mehr

Future Thinking & Design Concepts Award

Munters, Gardners DC Solutions & DigiPlex gewinnen den Future Thinking & Design Concepts Award der DataCentreDynamics.  Lesen Sie hier mehr

Health & Safety Award

Munters WIN Associate Award for IceDry solution which prevents frost and ice in cold storage facilities thus reduces accidents. Read more

Farm Innovation Award

Munters won the Farm Innovation Award – Poultry at Agra Middle East in 2013 for Euroemme® EC52 cone fan, created with high air moving capacity and decreased power consumption specifically designed to fit the poultry industry. Read more

Spanish Environment Award

Munters Spain among the top 20 sustainable companies awarded the “Crea Medioambiente Certification” for its commitment with the Environment and Energy Efficiency. Read more


Intel awards for Zeolite Concentrator

The Zeolite Concentrator has received the Intel Preferred Quality Supplier Award (2012, 2013) and Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award (2008, 2009)

Agromek prize

Munters horizontal air cleaner which reduces ammonia from swine and poultry buildings received one out of two prizes for swine at Agromek 2012, in Denmark. Read more

Energy Award at Kinnegar

Munters help Ministry of Defence win energy award at Kinnegar.  Read more


AHR Expo Innovation Awards

Honorable Mention for DryCool ERV in 2009. Read more

H2O LiquidAir son the AHR Expo Award in 2005