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Lithium battery dry room dehumidifiers for a production-perfect environment

Lithium battery dry room dehumidifiers for a production-perfect environment

Whether it’s a small R&D lab, a micro-environment, or a large-scale production facility, you can achieve optimum humidity control, and maximize your lithium-ion battery production with Munters dry room dehumidifier solutions.

Calculate the profit for your dry room

Calculate your energy savings with Munters dehumidifiers and download your personalized report.

Not all battery manufacturing is the same

The demand for lithium-ion batteries is expansive. From hybrid and electric vehicles, to mobile phones, to laptop computers and medical devices, battery manufacturers are pressed to increase capacity – while developing batteries that have greater storage capacities, last longer, and charge faster. Precision humidity control in battery dry rooms is essential to ensure maximum lithium-ion battery production quality, uptime, and a safe working space. Munters dry room dehumidifiers provide efficient and consistent humidity control – ensuring stable year-round performance. Achieving dew points of -40°F to -94°F [-40°C to -70°C] or even lower, together with reducing your energy consumption by up to 30%, Munters dry room dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for your lithium-ion battery production.


Optimal dehumidification is key for lithium-ion battery manufacturing

Lithium is highly reactive to moisture, which is why battery production needs to take place in ultra-low humidity dry rooms. These super dry conditions secure product quality and worker safety.

Achieving the right dew point is essential, and there can be serious impacts on your battery production if your dry room does not meet exacting levels. Issues with moisture in the air can cause multiple challenges:

  • Production issues – if your dry room is not operating as it should, unexpected production downtime could happen – leading to lost product and cost.
  • Product integrity – batteries produced in a sub-optimal environment will have reduced quality, performance levels and production yield. 
  • Increased operating costs – less efficient dehumidifiers will consume more energy and generate more CO2 over the lifespan of the dry room.
  • Increased waste – moisture in the air could lead to quality issues and the discarding of faulty batteries – with negative impact on the environment and your bottom line.

Munters' solution for the ideal battery production environment

Achieving the best dry room environment for battery manufacturing is with desiccant rotor dehumidification. Munters pioneered desiccant dehumidifier technology, and our innovative solutions are used in lithium-ion battery production facilities worldwide – helping to maintain optimal climate conditions with long-lasting performance, all the while saving energy.

Most manufacturers need their dry rooms to be maintained at a dew point of -40°F (< 1% relative humidity) which equates to about 0.55 gr/lb (grains per pound of dry air) [-40°C (< 1% relative humidity) which equates to about 0.08 g/kg (grams per kilogram of dry air)]. The industry standard could become even lower as new battery chemistries are being developed. Munters has provided equipment for dry rooms for lithium battery production capable of -128°F [-89°C] supply air, and we continue to refine our dehumidifier technology to meet any future demands. 

Market-leading features, like our patented Green PowerPurge technology, means that our lithium battery solutions can achieve higher throughput, lower air supply dew points, and consume up to 30% less energy. Munters dehumidification systems are designed to meet your unique requirements, and typically with smaller footprints than other systems – altogether reducing your overall total cost of ownership.GPP desiccant principle callouts.jpg


Why choose Munters battery dry room solutions for lithium battery production

When designing a dry room for lithium battery production, an important consideration is that over the life of the dry room, the operational expenditure (OPEX) is likely to be many times that of the original capital expenditure (CAPEX). Total annual energy savings of up to 30% can make a real difference to your bottom line, offering a rapid return on investment alongside a lower total cost of ownership.

  • World leader in humidity control with > 65 years of experience and several thousand low dew point dehumidifiers installed globally
  • Supplies > 50% of all lithium battery dry rooms worldwide
  • Dedicated project engineers guide the design process to the right solution – optimized for your specific application
  • Global footprint with strategically located factories in Europe, USA, and China – all ISO 9001 certified
  • Easily achieves -70°F [-57°C] supply dew point
  • Energy optimization for better cooling
  • Reactivation energy savings up to 45% versus conventional systems

Munters Services – with you all the way

Our teams are here to ensure that your lithium battery production is running smoothly and efficiently.

We'll guide you through the entire process, from choosing the best solution for your needs to helping you keep your equipment running at optimal levels. We can even work with you to develop your own personalized onsite support program – tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it is startup and commissioning, providing phone or online consultation, repair and reconditioning, or servicing equipment onsite, we are engaged and committed to exceeding your expectations throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

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