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Munters free PsychroApp™ leads the way

Munters psychrometric calculation tool PsychroApp™ is designed for the iPhone, iPod touch and is also able to run unmodified on an iPad to give fast and accurate humidity calculations.


Munters PsychroApp™ lets you easily calculate the thermodynamic properties of moist air more accurately than using psychrometric charts.

Calculate the total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process.

Munters PsychroApp™ provides quick and easy access to calculations such as dew point and grams per kg. Simply enter the temperature and relative humidity, the app will then output the corresponding dew point or grams per kg, giving you the insight you need for your job.

English imperial and SI unitsMunters PsychroApp™ is a simple effective tool from the leader in energy eficient air treatment.

  • Mixing and process screens
  • Drybulb range -80°F to 400°F/-62°C to 200°C
  • Dewpoint range -80°Fto 200°F/-62°C to 93°C

The professional tool for engineering and air conditining projects using industry standard ASHRAE equations. Help screen includes definition of terms.

Don't miss out, download Munters PsychroApp™ version 1.0 available in English Language!


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Responsible for Maintenance and Service?

This is the perfect app for you to laborate with various conditions in your premises. If you are thinking of  upgrading your existing air treatment equipment, Munters Global Services can assist you in many ways.

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