Kombinierte Temperatur- und -Feuchteregelung / Luftbehandlungssysteme

NA Series

NA Series

Munters NA air treatment systems are designed and  manufactured to control all your ventilation needs, contributing to quick installation, high indoor comfort and low life costs. Munters air handling systems control the quality of the air supplied and we optimize the best possible performance over the lifetime of the system.
The systems are designed, tested and produced to applicable standards including ISO 9001 (quality assurance) , EMAS (enviromental management) and CEN standards.

  • Efficient temperature control
  • Humidity control hygenic and energy recovery options
  • Hot water, steam, cold water and freon coils
  • High indoor comfort
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Self-supported smooth panels
  • Fire resistant classification
  • Stainless steel options

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