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Simplex curtain

MSC: Munters Simplex Curtain

  • Munters Simplex Curtain schützt gegen Wind und Wetter
  • Variabler Öffnungsgrad
  • Hergestellt aus strapazierfähiger, lichtdurchlässiger, UV beschichteter PVC-Plane und Polyestergewebe-Kern
  • Der Curtain wirkt antistatisch gegenüber Stroh, Staub und Sand
  • Optimale Lichtdurchlässigkeit
  • Regulierung halb- oder vollautomatisch
  • Der Curtain öffnet von oben nach unten und wickelt dabei unten auf



Simplex curtain is characterized by being rolled up on the lower bar, so that in principle it can be rolled down and give a full view, or the curtain can be closed completely or rolled down to any desirable opening between fully open or fully closed. The curtain is designed to act as a ventilation opening together with, for example Munters ceiling light plates, fixed open ridge or System 1-2-3 adjustable ridge.

The curtain material is made in a durable UV resistant TEX-GLASS quality. The color is light grey, which ensures an optimal light penetration. The material is also treated against static electricity, so that dirt does not stick to the cloth. Fixation of the curtain is made by extruded aluminum profiles. The curtain is hung in a wire system which is connected to the curtain’s sole trolling motor. To secure that the curtain screen is tightly rolled at all times and not creased, there is a telescope shaft mounted next to the trolling motor, which is in direct connection to the steel wire’s winding assembly. This design solution makes the pulling force act as a counterweight and the screen is thereby held firmly.
To hedge against the effect of wind, the curtain is mounted ¾ "or ½" plastic coated galvanized pipe for each (approximately) 2.1 m. The tubes are mounted on both sides of the curtain, thereby also functioning as a guide for the curtain’s working-direction. The curtain design is at its ends protected by the vertical wind screens made of the same material as the screen itself.

The Simplex curtain is supplied as a complete concept, which has been realized on the basis of requests from many of our customers, who saw it as an advantage to be able to save on the vast and usually expensive electrical wiring that occurs in connection with the installation of traditional curtains. This is why the Simplex curtain designed to run on 230 Volt, and prepared so that the only thing the customer should need to do is to plug it in - and it works! The operation of the curtain can be performed either by using a dead man variable up / down control, or by using a weather station that automatically controls the ventilation opening in relation to the wind impact.

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