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Increased cooling efficiency with EPCC™

Using natures own method for cooling, the EPCC™ reduces energy consumption of your existing air cooled condenser system, by precooling the intake air.

Avoid drop in cooling efficiency on hot days and cut energy costs by 20%

Munters Evaporative Precoolers Condenser (EPCC) precools the air entering conventional single- and double stage condensers, resulting in lower energy consumption and increased cooling efficiency.

Keeping in mind how fast the efficiency of a refrigeration system drops with an increase of the ambient temperature, the EPCC becomes the obvious precooling solution, typically reducing energy consumption of the refrigeration system by 20%.

Obtaining adequate cooling function is always balanced against the higher capital investment and physical installation space of an over-dimensioned system. Installing the EPCC on a new refrigeration system often allows for a downsizing of the system itself, since the precooling increases the capacity. Not only the initial investment (CAPEX) is reduced, but, maybe even more important, the running costs (OPEX) thanks to the reduced energy consumption.

The EPCC solution is designed also to be installed as a retrofit , and offers very easy installation.


There are many reasons for installing the EPCC:

  • Energy saving
  • Minimises CO2 emissions
  • Increases cooling capacity
  • Noise reducing
  • Retrofit and upgrading of old plants, i.e. saving investment


Read more details on EPCC here. (Product brochure)


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Where is EPCC used: 

  • Supermarkets
  • Cold stores
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Plant rooms
  • Food processing
  • Warehouses

Want to know more details on the product itself? Visit the EPCC product page where you will also find customer reference cases.


GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Munters high performance EPCC media has been tested for emissions from over 360 individual chemicals of concern, guaranteeing them as having non-harmful emissions. Read more here


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