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Broiler House Ventilation

Munters utilizes sophisticated software combined with extensive experience in livestock ventilation to generate a design proposal to suit any broiler production. The resulting design will not only specify the right equipment to deliver the required airflow, but will also deliver increased profit margins for growers and farmers, here is how.

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Broiler farming requires precisely designed ventilation and climate control in order to decrease your feed conversion ratio, but that is not the only reason to have a proper air exchange rate and air circulation. The broilers' health and welfare also strongly depend on the internal barn environment, as does the health of the staff working in the barn. A perfect climate for broiler farming provides environmental excellence, increases profits for the contract grower,  and gives a healthier product for consumers.

5 Key Design elements BROCHURE_Cage Free Layer Ventilation_220314-3.png

  1. Consideration of outdoor climate
  2. Product design
  3. System design — the right products for the right climate
  4. Air placement
  5. Integrated design

The key to profitability is controlling bird movement.

  • Decrease feed conversion rates
  • Better bird distribution
  • Reduce paw lesions
  • Maintain litter moisture levels with reduced ammonia content
  • Less bird stress
  • Better air quality for birds and workers
  • Improve overall bird health and production


Why Munters?

Munters only does ventilation systems; Allowing us to focus on producing the most innovative ventilation products and building design in the industry

  • Product Quality: Most products offered in the US are built in Michigan using local suppliers.
  • Data: Our products allow growers to make data-driven decisions to improve their business.
  • Experience: Munters has been designing ventilation products and systems for over 70 years.
  • Safety Standards: As a global supplier of agricultural, industrial and commercial products, Munters requires certifications for our products which are tested and certified to the strictest safety standards every day.
  • Air Quality: CELdek is the only cooling pad manufactured with the UL GREENGUARD Gold certification, assuring your building air quality is safe for employees and livestock.
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification: Ensuring your building air quality is safe for employees and livestock.
  • Confidence: Munters systems are used by top producers globally.
  • Munters Drive: Save energy, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and dial in Your Perfect Climate in your building with Munters Drive patented EC direct drive motors.


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