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Marble manufacturer’s turbines utilize heat exchangers for increased energy savings

Munters supplied Thermo-Z® gas-to-gas heat exchangers to recover energy from two Allison combustion turbine/generators at Vermont Marble in Florence, Vermont. In addition, Munters fabricated over 150 linear feet of high temperature duct and provided onsite assistance for the installation.

The 3.8 MW combustion turbine/generators provide power into the local power pool. The energy recovered from the 1047°F turbine exhaust gas stream is used to preheat air for two spray dryers that process ultra fine calcium carbonate dust used in the paper and plastics industry. The cogeneration cycle helps reduce the cost of producing power to the community in addition to providing preheated combustion to the spray dryer.

Each turbine exhausts 28,195 SCFM of 1047°F gas to each 80% efficient heat exchanger. Fresh air fans supply 23,307 SCFM of ambient air heated to 848°F to each spray dryer recovering over 20,000,000 BTU/HR per turbine.

This project, engineered by Black & Veach of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is currently operating within the
guidelines of the original specification and performance guarantees.

All-welded construction eliminates leakage problems
Thermo-Z offers modular design with heavy-gauge, welded-plate construction and guaranteed leakage
rates less than 0.01% factory tested.

Thermo-Z provides integral thermal expansion compensation and an insulated shell with an all-welded outer casing for increased performance. Both cross-flow and counter-flow configurations are
available. Variable plate spacing is utilized to optimize performance, pressure drop, and service
requirements providing the most efficient and cost effective heat recovery equipment available.

Welded construction eliminates the possibility of premature failure caused by leakage between gas
streams due to particulate build-up in the compression seals of a non-welded unit.

faits en bref

  • Standard operation to 1400°F
  • Effectiveness to 85%
  • Pressure differentials to 28" W.C. standard
  • Near zero cross-contamination
  • Custom designs

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