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Greenhouse climate control

Welcome to the heart of controlled cultivation— greenhouse climate control. Skillfully orchestrate temperature, humidity, ventilation and air circulation to optimize plant growth. Let's explore how climate control addresses the challenges posed by external influences and helps you craft an environment where plants thrive.

Munters Green Climate Controller optimizes crop production

A greenhouse climate control controller is a valuable tool for growers who want to optimize crop yield and quality. By maintaining precise control of the greenhouse environment, growers can reap the benefits of an enclosed climate plant cultivation:


  • Increased crop yield: Maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels can help increase crop yield by up to 20%.
    Improved crop quality: Reduce crop losses due to pests and disease and improve the overall crop quality with a well- controlled reenhouse environment.
  • Extended growing season: Using a greenhouse climate control controller helps growers extend the growing season and produce crops year-round.
  • Reduced energy costs: Automating greenhouse climate control systems helps growers save time and effort while reducing their energy costs.

Discover all benefits of the Munters Green Climate Controller

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  • Temperature


    Use the controller to set and
    maintain a specific temperature range in the greenhouse, preventing plants from becoming too hot or too cold.

  • Humidity


    Set and maintain a specific greenhouse humidity level to prevent  disease and ensure plants receive the moisture they need.

  • Carbon dioxide

    Carbon dioxide

    Monitor and control the levels of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse. Carbon dioxide is an essential nutrient for plants, but too much carbon dioxide can be harmful.

  • Lighting


    Turn on and off supplemental lighting systems in the greenhouse. Lighting control helps extend the growing season and provide plants with the light required in low-light conditions.

Choosing the best ventilation strategy for your greenhouse

One of the key features of the Munters Green Climate Controller is its ability to coordinate ventilation and cooling systems to achieve the highest possible efficiency by deploying the correct strategy:


  • Demand-controlled ventilation uses sensors to monitor greenhouse carbon dioxide levels and adjusts the ventilation rate accordingly. Doing so helps ensure that plants always have enough carbon dioxide for photosynthesis while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Minimum ventilation ensures that sufficient fresh air enters the greenhouse, even when the vents are closed. This prevents air stagnation and reduces the risk of disease.
  • Evaporative cooling combines forced ventilation with evaporative cooling pads to reduce the air temperatures. This energy- efficient cooling method is ideal for any greenhouse, especially those in hot climates.

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Replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive greenhouse environment. Ensure your plants thrive by taking measures to improve ventilation based on a better understanding of your greenhouse requirements.


Combat heat with innovative cooling strategies. Exhaust fans, evaporative cooling, and cooling pads prevent overheating during hot weather. These techniques help maintain suitable conditions for a variety of crops.


As the temperature drops, heating systems step in. Maintain warmth during colder periods with heating systems to safeguard plants against frost and ensure a consistent growing environment.

Integrated control systems: automation and optimization


Sensors, controllers and computerized systems monitor and adjust climate variables. Automation systems maintain temperature, humidity, and ventilation within preset ranges.


Adaptation to plant needs

Different crops have varying temperature and humidity preferences. Tailor your indoor climate to the specific plant requirements, optimizing conditions for growth at various stages.


Unlock the benefits of digital climate control


Greenhouse brochure

Munters' greenhouse solutions optimize climate and irrigation for thriving plants. Effortless control, maximized yield. Explore inside!

Climate and irrigation controllers

Munters greenhouse climate and irrigation controllers automate watering, heating and cooling for maximum yield and reduced waste. Manage crops remotely with advanced smartphone app & software. Learn more!

Crafting growth conditions

Munters' expertise combines precise nutrient delivery with optimal climate conditions, ensuring plants thrive.

Maximize growth and boost crop quality by delivering nutrients while controlling the climate indoors. Our comprehensive solutions integrate fertigation seamlessly, resulting in a symphony of nourishment and climate management. Elevate your greenhouse practices by infusing nutrients while controlling the indoor climate to increase yield. 

To learn more about the nutrient needs of plants, head over to our page on automated greenhouse fertigation.


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