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Resource efficiency and environment

We have an important role to play in abating climate change.

Climate control systems play a pivotal role in managing energy consumption for our customers. By optimizing these systems, we empower our customers to reduce their energy and water usage.

Our climate footprint originates from the use of electricity and fossil fuels in our production processes and from the use of our sold products. The goal is to continuously reduce our energy use and make our factories and processes more efficient but also to develop even more resource-efficient products, efficient transports and to make choices of materials and suppliers that reduces negative impact.


Net-zero target by 2030

We set a target to reach net-zero emissions from our operations by 2030. The target will be reached by reducing our direct emissions in our operations, facilities and from our vehicles and by using and contributing to the development of renewable electricity sources in our facilities.

We report our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in accordance with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

Scope 1 and 2 include emissions from factory operations, offices and other non-production locations, and company vehicles. In 2022, we established guidelines and targets to increase energy efficiency and source renewable electricity for our production facilities. We also mapped energy sources in our offices and other properties not involved in production. This map lets us constantly monitor our operation’s Scope 1 and 2, which are direct emissions and indirect emissions from energy purchased.

We significantly increased the share of renewable electricity during 2023, contributing to emissions reductions. We are also identifying potential renewable electricity sources for offices and other properties not involved in production.

Focus on Scope 3

We are mapping relevant greenhouse gas emissions from Munters suppliers, transportation providers, and products used by customers, known as Scope 3 emissions or indirect emissions. We see that category 11, Use of Sold Products, accounts for most emissions. Besides focusing on reducing emissions from our operations, Munters is committed to shrinking the environmental footprint of our products through constant innovation, transportation efficiency, and responsible choices of materials and suppliers.

In 2023, our in-house leadership program MovE includes a project to educate our global procurement employees about the importance of sustainability in the supply chain and how suppliers can contribute to reduced carbon emissions. The project aims to improve and automate our emissions monitoring processes in various categories of purchased goods and services so that we can evaluate and work to reduce emissions.

Expand our service business

Services, which include maintenance, upgrades, and product replacements, are important to customers not least from a sustainability perspective. Services extend the life of the products and increase the efficiency of our installed products. The goal is to grow our service business to 30% of net sales in the long term.

Innovate for tomorrow

We continue to focus on further investing in our core technologies, solutions, and digitization to optimize our product portfolio. We have launched several new products, such as SyCool and DSS Pro. When we innovate, we look at various sustainability factors early in the process. For example, we take into consideration the choice of materials, recycling possibilities, and energy consumption. When we have evaluated all these aspects, we define the value proposition, technical opportunities, and profitability potential.

Progress 2023

Energy efficiency in our production plants

Target to continuously improve energy efficiency in relation to output value in our factories (MWh/production value SEK 000)



Outcome 2022: 0.62
Outcome 2021: 0.90

Renewable electricity in our production facilities

Eventually, we want 100% of our electricity to come from renewable sources, and the goal is to reach at least 80% by 2026 in our production



Outcome 2021: 73%
Outcome 2020: 53%

Waste & recycling rate

Target to continuously raise the recycling rate




Outcome 2022: 52%
Outcome 2021: 54%

Water consumption

Target to gradually reduce water consumption and treat wastewater in our production plants and processes (M3/production value SEK 000)



Outcome 2022: 0.01
Outcome 2021: 0,02

Investment in R&D

Research and development investment measured in relation to net sales




Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The activities that Munters carries out in the area of resource efficiency support the following areas in the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: 


More about the SDGs and how we contribute to sustainable development.

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