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Enhance your spray drying profitability

Enhance your spray drying profitability

Food, pharmaceutical, and other production processes utilize spray drying to ensure product quality and consistency. These processes need to be reliable and efficient, regardless of climate conditions, where uncontrolled humidity and temperature can cause problems during the drying process.

Munters offers tailored dehumidification and heating solutions, which provide up to 40% increased production capacity, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced product quality. Munters’ spray drying solutions boost throughput and uptime – with a positive impacting on your profitability.

Brown, green, and white pharmaceutical powders | Munters

Discover your increased throughput and savings

See for yourself the increased uptime, energy savings, and production a Munters spray drying solution can provide.

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Dehumidification and efficient air heating are key for spray drying

Spray drying is a sensitive process, and it requires precise humidity and temperature control. Airborne moisture and undesirable humidity can have adverse effects on your production output:

  • Seasonal humidity variation can impact process time and quality.
  • Clumping and blockages occur when the air contains large levels of moisture, as powders and granules have a natural tendency to form lumps and clumps – especially prevalent in food and pharmaceutical processing.
  • Mold, fungi, and bacterial growth of all kinds can easily occur where the relative humidity is high. They can cause major damage to products, and could be a health risk to employees.
  • Condensation can result in pooling on surfaces where powders may get stuck and clump inside the machinery and/or drying chambers.
  • Corrosion of the spray drying equipment can reduce its efficiency and shorten its service life – driving up service and maintenance costs.

Indirect air heating is an essential step in the spray drying process. Traditional steam systems have high initial cost, low efficiency, and cannot provide higher supply temperatures. Munters’ VariMax IFRG, indirect recirculating gas heater, provides contaminant-free air – without increasing humidity levels – with supply temperatures up to 1000°F (538° C) and efficiency levels up to 98%.

Industries We Serve

  • Food and dairy processing

    Food and dairy processing

    Munters dehumidifiers and heaters give you complete control of the spray drying, product conveying, and storage environment, ensuring the ideal humidity regardless of weather conditions during dairy processing.

  • Pharmaceutical


    We provide custom-designed dehumidification and heating solutions to control the humidity and temperature throughout every step of pharmaceutical production.

  • Chemical processing

    Chemical processing

    Our industrial dehumidifiers and heaters ensure that the spray drying environment in chemical processing is kept stable and fully controlled year-round.

Spray drying equipment fitted with a Munters spray drying solution | Munters

Why choose a Munters spray drying solution

Munters has decades of experience in developing proven spray drying solutions that increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and positively impact your bottom line. Our solutions can help you achieve your perfect product quality.

PureSystem – Main air dehumidification | Munters

Main air dehumidification with PureSystem

Munters PureSystem is the premium dehumidifier – perfect for spray drying applications. This dehumidifier improves production capacity, product quality and overall energy efficiency, while the stainless-steel welded construction guarantees optimal hygiene.

PureHP – Secondary air treatment | Munters

Treat secondary air with PureHP

Munters PureHP is the premium hygienic air treatment system – effectively and efficiently recycling air flow. This technology is perfect for installation in high-care areas due to its hygienic design, and ability to handle pressure up to 6000 Pa.

VariMax IFRG – Indirect process air heating | Munters

Indirect process air heating with VariMax IFRG

Indirect heating eliminates hazardous byproducts and added moisture associated with combustion, resulting in a cleaner product, increased dryer capacity, and reduced operating cost. The VariMax IFRG offers efficiency levels up to 98% with supply temperatures up to 1000°F (538° C) in a compact, single skid design for simple installation. Watch the video here.

PureSound – Exhaust air noise reduction | Munters

Reduce exhaust air noise with PureSound

Munters PureSound dramatically reduces the amount of airborne noise emitted, and the baffles can be cleaned in place (CIP) – securing long lasting performance with improved hygiene.

ICA – Product conveying system | Munters

Product conveying with ICA

To avoid powder sticking during transport, choose from Munters Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) Series. Ideal in areas where product is conveyed toward packing, this system can be designed for your specific application.They are ideal in areas where product is conveyed toward packing. These flexible systems can be designed for your specific application.

Download our white paper to learn more

White Paper: How To Improve Profits, Save Energy and Boost Production in Your Spray Drying Process

Examine the importance of maintaining a consistent ideal climate for spray drying processes and discover solutions for achieving the perfect temperature and humidity levels.

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Advantages of Munters’ spray drying solutions

  • Increased production capacity – up to 40%
  • Reduced energy consumption – up to 15%
  • More hygienic product
  • Consistent, year-round process performance
  • Enhanced product quality - reduced lumping, clumping, fouling and blockage
  • Reduced Clean-In-Place (CIP) time and frequency .

Case studies

  • Sensus uses the Chicory root to produce Inulin

    Sensus uses the Chicory root to produce Inulin

    Based in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Sensus uses the Chicory root to produce Inulin, a sweetener used in the food industry.

    Sensus uses a spray drying process to convert the concentrated Inulin solution to powder. The product is quite glutinous and can easily foul the system if not carefully monitored. Munters and Sensus agreed on the patented quantum desiccant rotor to enhance Sensus spray drying production. With Munters proven technology, climate is no longer a variable, but a constant factor and production capacity has increased by 40%.

  • Finding the right heating solution for spray drying

    Finding the right heating solution for spray drying

    A creamery located in the Midwest required a replacement heater for one of their spray drying systems that processes powdered milk, and the new equipment needed to be manufactured in accordance with USDA guidelines, with very tight dimensional constraints in the installation site.

    The creamery chose a custom-manufactured Munters VariMax IFRG heater to replace its inefficient and oversized heater.

    Read the full story.

  • High efficiency heater in dairy spray drying

    High efficiency heater in dairy spray drying

    In the Quebec province of Canada, a local cheese producer required an indirect gas-fired heater for one of their systems that makes powdered cheese.

    This project required 42,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of outdoor air to be heated to 400°F, despite an outdoor air temperature of -40°F.

    To provide these conditions, Munters VariMax IFRG natural gas-fired indirect heater with a Thermo-ZTM plate heat exchanger was installed.

    Read the full story.

A Munters worker inspecting a Munters dehumidifier | Munters

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Whether it’s providing phone or online consultation, repair and reconditioning, commissioning, or servicing equipment onsite, we are engaged and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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