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Commercial buildings and offices

Commercial buildings and offices

Indoor environments with summer air-conditioning and winter heating suffer from low humidity and a dry atmosphere without correct humidification.

In addition to saving energy, indoor climate control creates a healthy atmosphere that helps maintain occupant health, boosting productivity and minimizing absenteeism.

Occupant health

Indoor humidity levels below 40% dry out the mucous membrane, which can cause illnesses such as colds.

Optimum indoor climate helps ensure employee performance. Comfortable air humidity levels of 40-60% helps asthma sufferers and are ideal for people’s motivation, concentration and well-being.

Dry air is the enemy

Dry, itchy skin, discomfort from prematurely dry contact lenses, sore eyes and throat, and dehydration can all occur when humidity levels fall below 40%. And electrostatic shocks are also a problem when humidity levels drop.

Eliminate viruses with humidification

We are all aware how dangerous airborne viruses can be. But did you know that they can spread easier at low humidity? Maintaining optimum humidity will reduce airborne transmissions and keep staff coming into the office every day, with a smile on their faces.


Get the optimal indoor climate

Munters is a global leader in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient humidification solutions. Hygienic climate control solutions powered by green energy sources. Munters humidification solutions create indoor environments that are healthy, productive and sustainable.

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