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Evaporative cooling for broiler houses

Evaporative cooling for broiler houses

Our high-efficiency solutions are engineered to combat the challenges of hot climates and maintain an optimal temperature range inside your broiler houses. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your broiler chickens, as it directly impacts their growth, well-being, and overall farm profitability. Explore our innovative evaporative cooling systems, cutting-edge climate controllers, and effective ventilation solutions to enhance bird performance, reduce heat stress, improve air quality, and maximize the efficiency of your broiler farm.


Effects of hot temperatures on broiler chicken performance

Munters offers state-of-the-art evaporative cooling systems designed to provide effective cooling and ventilation in broiler houses. Our CELdek® evaporative cooling pads are the industry benchmark, utilizing advanced technology to efficiently lower the temperature while maintaining optimal humidity levels. These pads maximize the cooling effect through water evaporation, creating a comfortable microclimate for your broiler chickens. With exceptional water absorption and air flow properties, CELdek® pads ensure reliable and efficient cooling performance.


Our experts can assist you in selecting and installing the ideal evaporative cooling system tailored to your broiler farm's specific needs, ensuring optimal bird comfort and productivity.


Explore CELdek® Evaporative Cooling Pads

Maintaining optimal temperature range for broiler houses in hot climates

Maintaining an optimal temperature range is crucial for broiler houses in hot climates to prevent heat stress and promote healthy growth. Munters Trio digital climate controller is specifically designed to regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation with precision. Featuring an intuitive interface and remote access, Trio ensures that your broiler houses maintain the ideal conditions for your flock. It provides real-time monitoring, automated adjustments, and data analysis, enabling you to optimize climate control and maximize bird performance.


Trust Trio to keep your broiler houses within the desired temperature range, promoting bird comfort, reducing heat-related issues, and enhancing overall farm efficiency.


Discover the Trio Poultry digital climate controller

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Heatwave preparation and management for broiler farms

Heatwaves can pose significant challenges for broiler farmers, but with proper preparation and management, you can safeguard your flock's well-being and productivity. Munters offers a comprehensive range of digital controllers and sensors that equip you with the tools necessary to monitor and respond to extreme weather conditions. By implementing proactive heatwave strategies, such as pre-cooling and increased ventilation, you can effectively mitigate the impact of heat stress on your broiler chickens.


Learn more about our digital sensors and controllers for poultry houses


Preventing heat stress with effective ventilation

Munters' ventilation systems are designed to ensure optimal air circulation and remove excess heat, humidity, dust, and harmful gases from your broiler houses. By promoting fresh air exchange and reducing ammonia levels, our ventilation solutions safeguard bird health, enhance air quality, and maximize performance.


Whether you need cooling fans, air inlets, or exhaust systems, we offer a range of high-quality products designed to meet the unique needs of broiler farms. Trust our ventilation systems to create an ideal airflow pattern, prevent heat stress, and optimize the overall well-being of your broiler chickens.


Discover our effective ventilation solutions

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Maximize broiler house performance in hot climates with Munters

Munters is your reliable partner in optimizing broiler house performance in hot climates. Our advanced evaporative cooling systems, precision climate controllers, and effective ventilation solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges faced by broiler farmers. By leveraging our industry-leading technologies, you can effectively manage heat stress, maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, improve air quality, and ensure the comfort and productivity of your broiler chickens.

Take the first step towards transforming your broiler farm into a thriving and efficient operation by contacting our experts today.


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