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Financial benefits for customers

Munters’ solutions can deliver substantial financial benefits to its customers through significant energy savings and cost reductions due to the high reliability and durability of Munters’ products, as well as increased product output and quality. The tangible financial effects, combined with relatively low initial investment, result in an attractive return on investment proposition for customers.

Indicative examples of savings for end customers include delivering up to:

  • 65% energy savings related to data center cooling from using Munters’ indirect evaporative cooling solutions, compared to water cooled chillers;
  • 40% energy saving in supermarkets from using Munters’ DOAS, compared to traditional air conditioning units;
  • 45% reduction in certain operating expenses related to cooling in industrial processes and comfort spaces from using Munters’ desiccant cooling solutions, compared to conventional compressors and/or refrigerant technology;
  • 30% energy savings from using Munters’ PowerPurge dehumidification technology in pharmaceuticals manufacturing compared to standard designs;
  • 40% fan energy savings for forced ventilation at farms with Munters Drive technology compared to using conventional fans;
  • 10% increase in power output from gas turbines using Munters’ evaporative cooling technology, compared to gas turbines that do not use coolers;
  • 30% energy reduction for ventilation in dairy farms using Munters’ products, compared to using conventional fans;
  • 10% operating cost reduction when running a “controlled climate” in farms, as energy usage and feed consumption decreases; and
  • 99% reduction of SOx from coal-fired power and ship exhaust gas desulphurisation using Munters’ Mist Elimination products in wet flue desulphurisation scrubbers, compared to solutions without scrubbers.