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Dairy farmer with his herd

Ten ways to increase profitability for dairy farmers

Munters designs and manufactures climate control and natural ventilation systems for intensive dairy, poultry, swine and greenhouse industries. In this article you can read more about how Munters improves profitability for dairy farmers.

When speaking to our important sales channels in the industry as well as end users who have our products installed, it is evident that our product portfolio has helped the farm industries not only to solve a problem related to heat or cold stress in the production houses, but also has increased the efficiency in their operation as well as their profitability.

Munters have a complete product program to reach the desired state of consistent high scale milk production, maximized feed conversion ratio and an improved conception rate. These are measurements that are crucial to all dairy farmers worldwide.

These are the benefits of using Munters climate control system for Natural and Forced ventilation:

  • Improved milk production
  • Improved conception rate
  • Improved animal behavior and welfare as well as lower respiration rates meaning better animal health
  • Reduced replacement rate
  • Maximized feed conversion ratio
  • Wind chill effect, improving animal comfort
  • Reduced construction and management cost, cows can be housed within one controlled building (forced ventilation)
  • Control of indoor temperature, up to 10oC (18oF) reduction depending on ambient conditions (forced ventilation)
  • A control & communication system that allows the farm Manager to comfortably check the climate system directly from his own pc, is soon a reality
  • Better working environment for the farm responsible and their employees



Here at Munters’ website you can view more examples of how Munters have helped other dairy farmers with cooling or ventilation solutions, situated at various places around the world.

Natural ventilation dairy building


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