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Energy optimization at Coloplast reduces CO2 emissions by 230 tonnes per year

Coloplast develops and manufactures products for the urology area, the supply of ostomy, continence care and for wound and skin care. Coloplast operates around the world, employs more than 7,000 employees and is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Since many years Coloplast works closely with Munters in creating optimal climatic conditions in cleanroom production. Continuously working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, Munters was contacted to help optimizing energy efficiency on the Danish premises.

Two Dehumidification systems, type MX with modulating electrical heater, both providing dry air for production processes in a clean room, were thoroughly examined and together with Mr. Helge Jensen, Energy Specialist at Coloplast, a plan for optimization was worked out. The units in question are both supplied with a by-pass air stream from an air handling unit precooled to a water content of 5g/kg. After dehumidification and post-cooling, the two systems supply air at 15°C/15%RH (water content of 1.5g/kg).

The energy optimization consists of:

• Installation of the Munters Energy Recovery Purge® - a system for energy recovery, waste heat from the hottest part of the rotor collects and uses to support regeneration. This reduces the energy required and the exit temperature of the product process air and leads to lower energy costs for post-cooling.

• The frequency of the supply fans were the main air-wet mounted and control units depending on channel pressure / Dehumidification. Since some manufacturing facilities do not work continuously, the need for drying air is different. By installing louvers and frequency converters to the dehumidification units can be automatically adapted to the actual required amount of dry air.

There are many ways we can help you optimise your existing equiment. For further information on Munters' Service and energy optimisation options, please visit
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Quick facts

  • Payback period of only 6 months
  • Carbon emissions will be reduced by 230 tons per year
  • Highly efficient energy-recovery system for retrofitting existing equipment
  • Reduces energy costs
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