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At sea and in costal climates, the battle against unwanted moisture is endless. A maritime environment can be very damaging to cargo and to ships’ installations. Moisture and salt will cause severe corrosion, and issues like condensation will also be very common.

Change of temperature, either during a short period (between night and day) as well as over a longer period (when moving from one climate zone to another) will also cause humidity problems due to “temperature lag” (due to the mass of the cargo).

Protection of the cargo holds has been a traditional application for Munters, as we started to do this before the Second World War, through our US Munters Cargocaire company.

On board chemical tankers, drying of tanks after cleaning is an effective application, to speed up the loading of new cargo.

Munters air treatment technology is used on FPSO type ships to reduce maintenance cost of the platform.

Within the ship building and maintenance industry, Munters dehumidifiers are also used for protection against corrosion and condensation during sandblasting and painting.

For offshore platforms, engine room ventilation intakes and intakes for gas turbines need protection from the worst offered by land and sea. Rain, hail, sea spray, snow and other airborne particles enter the ventilation system causing corrosion and wet filters. Engine room intakes require particular attention both for long-term protection against corrosion and to keep engines running in critical situations.


Sulphur emission reduction, EGC – Emissions Gas Cleaning.

In addition to all different weather conditions there are many types of harmful airborne solids to contend with, such as cement dust, barites, drilling dust, flare carbon mud-burning smoke and blasting grits from maintenance activities.

  • dry filters, longer life time
  • prevent condensation
  • clear ventilation systems
  • increased up-time
  • reduced mold, bacterial growth, odors and corrosion
  • low maintenance costs
  • better climate for passengers and crew, interior, cargo spaces as well as sensitive instrumentation. 


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