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Cooling techniques in greenhouse climate control

Temperature control is paramount for greenhouse cultivation. Uncover effective cooling techniques that help your plants beat the heat and thrive, even in scorching outdoor air conditions.


Forced ventilation with evaporative cooling

Ventilation and evaporative cooling can be used together to create a very efficient cooling system for greenhouses. The ventilation system can be used to remove hot, humid air from the greenhouse, while the evaporative cooling system can be used to cool the incoming air.

A fan-powered ventilation system, for example, can remove hot, humid greenhouse air through a series of vents. An evaporative cooling system can then lower supply air temperature by passing outdoor air over water-saturated pads.

By using ventilation and evaporative cooling together, growers can create a comfortable and productive environment for their plants, even in hot, humid climates.

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Pad and fan cooling techniques for greenhouses

Munters CELdek® evaporative cooling pads are ideal for  greenhouses that require high-efficiency cooling. The unique cross-fluted design directs more water to the air entering the pad, where the most intense evaporation occurs. The result? Cooler, more humid air that can help to improve crop yields and reduce energy costs.

Incredibly durable, CELdek pads resist deterioration due to unique, chemically treated cellulose paper. The pads withstand repeated cleaning and severe weather conditions, extending their service life.

Discover high- efficiency Munters CELdek pads

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Exhaust fans

Exhaust fans can help to cool your greenhouse more efficiently than
other methods, such as natural ventilation. Exhaust fans quickly
move large volumes of air and can create a negative pressure inside
the greenhouse to draw in cooler air from outside.

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Circulation fans

Looking for a reliable, effective, and energy- efficient way to cool your greenhouse? Evaporative cooling pads are a great option.  Some plants are more sensitive to humidity than others, so choosing evaporative cooling pads that provide the right level of humidity for your plants is important.

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Climate controllers

Get more precise, efficient and flexible temperature control using digital controllers for cooling applications instead of traditional analog controllers. Digital controllers can also provide data logging and alarm features to help monitor and manage cooling systems more effectively.

Discover Munters digital controllers

Automated cooling with Munters Green Climate Controller

Effectively cool your greenhouse while improving your yields with Munters Green Climate Controller. This comprehensive climate control system creates a cool and comfortable environment for your plants, even on the hottest days.

Its automated control system can automatically adjust the ventilation, shading and misting systems in your greenhouse to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. Take the guesswork out of greenhouse climate control and save time and effort to regulate your indoor climate.

Explore digital greenhouse control with Munters Green Climate Controller

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Balancing cooling and humidity in your greenhouses

While cooling systems effectively reduce temperatures, they can inadvertently elevate humidity levels, creating an environment ripe for fungal growth. Achieving the delicate balance between cooling and humidity control requires finesse and expertise.

An intelligent climate control system like the Munters Green Climate Controller lets you regulate temperature with precision and fine-tune humidity levels, creating an optimal environment for plant growth. Moreover, during periods of elevated humidity outdoors, your climate control system can automatically adjust the cooling mechanisms to prevent excessive moisture buildup inside the greenhouse.

Discover the precision of digital climate control

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Controlled cooling in an enclosed environment

Efficient cooling in an enclosed greenhouse offers benefits such as:

  • More effective cooling: Evaporative cooling can be more effective at reducing greenhouse temperatures than natural ventilation, especially in hot and dry climates. This is because evaporative cooling can cool the air to a lower temperature than natural ventilation.
  • Improved plant growth: Evaporative cooling can help improve plant growth, providing the humidity plants need to thrive. This is especially important in hot, dry climates.
  • Reduced risk of disease: Evaporative cooling can help reduce the risk of plant disease by removing hot, stale air from the greenhouse. This is because disease is more likely to spread in warm, humid environments.
  • Energy savings: Evaporative cooling is a relatively energy-efficient way to cool greenhouses. It uses only a small amount of electricity to pump water through the cooling pads and does not require any additional refrigeration equipment.

Investing in effective cooling isn’t only about comfort; it’s about maximizing productivity in your greenhouse.

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