Case:Comparing greenhouse success side by side

Munters is a global leader in developing and manufacturing energy efficient Humidification and Cooling solutions. Our innovative products facilitate the perfect climate in commercial, industrial and public buildings of all sizes and uses for applications as industrial processes, production, post-finishing, surface treatment, preservation of art affects, server/computer rooms and for comfort application based on evaporative humidification and cooling.

a perfect climate through humidification

Comparing greenhouse success side by side

Comparing greenhouse success side by side

Since 1984, Asthor Agrícola S.A. has worked in the manufacture of…

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Increasing plant production with 25%

Increasing plant production with 25%

Disease free, high yield banana plantations produced from tissue cultures…

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Munters Humidification Solutions

Munters offers a wide range of reliable products that cover small to very large air volumes
both for integration into AHU systems or for standalone installation.

Munters solutions offer very precise humidity control with face and bypass solution or stage control, and can also offer a specially designed control system for our humidifier range.

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    Heat Stress

    Heat stress can be counteracted! In all the mentioned scenarios below a cool relief can be obtained by installing a climate control system from Munters.

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    Disease in Greenhouses

    While growing in greenhouses reduces the dependence on climatic conditions outside, plant health is still dependent on an equally complex set of microclimate conditions inside.

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    Stunted Growth in Greenhouses - remedies

    You cannot leverage the climate outside, but by controlling the climate within a closed environment, you can create and consistently maintain the optimal conditions for growth.

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