Managing overall environmental control is essential for electronics manufacturing processes and operations as well as facilities that provide mission critical services.

Room temperature must be kept low in order to keep hard working IT equipment from overheating. However, lowering the temperature can cause condensation, which can be dangerous in an electronic environment.

Electronics manufacturing generally requires strictly controlled levels of humidity in order to ensure process consistency and product quality.  Some electronic components, such as lithium batteries, require extremely low levels of humidity, in order to remove the risk of explosion.  In these extreme applications, air with a dew point as low as -70 degrees C is supplied to the process.

Munters’ solutions provide the optimal environment through desiccant dehumidification, evaporative cooling and air-to-air energy recovery, while using less energy than conventional systems.  Munters’ desiccant dehumidifiers can effectively maintain the most stringent humidity conditions protecting equipment from condensation and corrosion.  Munters’ innovative cooling technology manages thermal loads and reduces energy consumption.

In addition to creating ideal air conditions, Munters also offers Zeolite adsorption technology to clean Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) laden air, while minimizing operational costs.

Munters’ customers have a sense of security, knowing that Munters technology provides precisely controlled conditions whilst reducing running costs.

segments within electronics

  • Drive & Motor Manufacture

    Drive & Motor Manufacture

    Motor and Drive manufacturers face a dilemma when trying to cool large motors or drives. As their equipment size increases, the heat output increases…

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  • Semiconductor Manufacture

    Semiconductor Manufacture

    Many semiconductor and electronics manufacturing processes and operations require closely controlled, dry conditions.

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  • Telecommunications


    Munters can provide air treatment for the telecommunications industry in various processing and space applications.

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  • TV, Screens and Associated Goods

    TV, Screens and Associated Goods

    Many industrial manufacturing processes, including the production of TV screens, require precise humidity control.

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  • LED Manufacturing

    LED Manufacturing

    Many industrial manufacturing processes including LED manufacturing, require precise humidity control. Manufacturing components need to be protected…

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  • Lithium Battery Rooms

    Lithium Battery Rooms

    The manufacturing of lithium batteries takes place in small laboratory environments to large scale mass production dry rooms.

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    When water evaporates it becomes water vapour. When this comes into contact with cool surfaces, condensation drips onto walls, ceilings and products

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    Corrosion, or the oxidation of metal, is heavily influenced by the presence of moisture in the air.

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