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Case:Cold spells no longer a threat for tomato grower

Munters produces a range of energy efficient top-notch heating solutions for livestock and greenhouse applications. Depending on the type of fuel used and the application in which it is used, air heaters, can have many configurations. Choose from the wide range of heaters from Munters to meet your needs. Heating of the animals’ zone also optimizes the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and saves money for the farmer. In greenhouses, heating addresses problems like fungus due to excessive humidity levels, and to prevent cold spells. In other words, efficient heating spells increased productivity and reduced losses.

Your perfect climate through heating

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    When water evaporates it becomes water vapour. When this comes into contact with cool surfaces, condensation drips onto walls, ceilings and products

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    Mold and Bacteria

    Moist air which is laden with bacteria can increase the potential for contamination in production and storage.

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