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Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer

Munters ventured into the mass transfer business with profound expertise gained over the years working with the pioneers within mass transfer technology and a legacy of more than five decades of customer service in several industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, chemical, fertilizer and pharmaceutical.

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We mass transfer your problems into solutions

Munters offers in-house capabilities to design, engineer, manufacture and supply mass transfer products including:

1. Tower Packing - Random and Structured 

Random Packing: Complete portfolio; including Medal-Pak®, Tall-Pak®, Omni-Pak®, tierce ring and other 1st and 2nd generation packings.

Structured Packing: Different types of corrugated, textured packings, including ME-II®, Vantage® Additional®, Wire-Mesh and grid packing are offered in X and Y inclination angle depending upon the process.

AT_Image_column_sketch_mass_transfer.png2. Fractionation Trays          

All kinds of trays, including sieve tray, bubble cap trays, floating valve trays, high capacity valve trays are offered to cater to the complex requirements of processes for diameters ranging from 1 ft (approx. 300 mm.) to more than 26 ft (approx. 8000 mm.). We also support our customers with necessary hardware in case of shut down/scale up operations.

3. All Peripheral Column Internals 

Complete range of associated internals for packed/tray towers  such as liquid/gas distributors, Flash Feed Chambers, collector (take-off) trays, feed pipes, supporting and retaining arrangements are offered to enable optimal distribution and separation requirements.  

4. Mist Eliminators

To remove entrainment of liquid droplets from the existing gas/vapours, Munters provides complete solutions to help achieve required level of separation using WIN-Mesh® Type and WIN-Vane® Type mist eliminator models. 

All packings and internals are offered in a variety of materials including stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, monel, hastelloy, alloy 625/825, aluminium, zirconium, titanium, copper, plastics etc. 

Over the years we have supplied to more than 5000 installations covering a wide range of projects. These include column diameter up to 40 ft (approx.12000 mm.), with structured packing along with associated internals and all segments of trays up to 4-pass including valve, sieve, bubble cap and dual flow.


Mist Eliminator Feed Device Liquid Distributor Bed Limiter Random Packing Support Plate Liquid Re-distributor Hold Down Plate Structured Packing Support Grid Collector/Chimney Tray Fractionation Trays Vapor Distributor

Discover Clean technologies

Clean technologies by Munters include mist elimination technology, mass transfer solutions and VOC abatement technologies. Enhance process productivity, lower emissions and reduce your carbon footprint with Clean technologies. Together we will deliver clean air to the world.

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