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Munters Drive Delivers Results in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia

When it comes to delivering efficiency, Munters set the bar with its patented Munters Drive motor technology released in 2008. Today, Munters continues to lead the EC motor market with more than 30,000 units operating in the field. Munters designed and engineered Munters Drive exclusively for the agricultural market. Munters Drive delivers high performance and low energy consumption. Munters fans equipped with Munters Drive can reduce electric energy consumption by up to 40%, are nearly maintenance free, and are part of a sustainable system design. Testing is a critical component of building products at Munters. It gives us insight into improvements and to test new products so that we always deliver the best performance for your money. As a part of our new facility constructed in 2016, we built an in-house test chamber to ensure our products deliver on what we promise. Then, we validate our performance tests with BESS labs. When the opportunity presented itself to perform a full-scale, real-world test of Munters Drive fans in a live environment, we seized the opportunity.

Laboratory testing provides a consistent, repeatable environment for testing fans. But we wanted to prove this in a real world environment.

The goal of this test site was to have a controlled experiment in a working barn to measure the energy usage of a belt drive Munters fan to the energy usage of the same Munters fan with a Munters Drive motor. The data did not

Not only does Munters Drive technology offer significant advantages in energy reduction it also can save you money because it has virtually no maintenance aspects to it like traditional belt drive systems: no pulley wear, no belt wear, and no tensioner checks or grease points. Munters Drive has lower installation costs, no additional variable frequency drive or thermal overloads are required, and a soft start-up eliminates energy spikes. The motor is designed to be easily retrofitted to your existing traditional Munters fans. All of these savings add up to a powerful return on investment (ROI) and an improved ventilation management system.

At an average energy savings of 32%, this will be a very quick payback on your investment, especially where energy rates are high. But more importantly, there are many other factors when it comes to the value of the Munters Drive.

Munters Engineers and Regional Sales Team can assist you in achieving the maximum benefits of the Munters Drive-by consulting on system setup and design that will provide you with optimum levels of performance and climate control. We have in-house application engineers who travel to sites with our knowledgeable sales team to work with our clients on a one on one basis.

When it comes to calculating if the Munters Drive option is best for you, we provide our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to determine the true cost of your operation. We are very proud to offer our customers such a robust, easy to use, and sustainable solution for your ventilation needs.


A 24-house broiler complex in Australia was researching how to increase their building efficiency. All of the barns were using Munters EM50 belt drive fans, manufactured in Italy for the Australian market. Working closely with Munters engineers, two barns with EM50 belt drive fans were identified to run an efficiency test. A Munters Drive retrofit kit was installed on the fans in one barn, while the second barn remained on belt drive motors. The test would be run at the same time with the same size flock. This “apples to apples” comparison would provide valuable data on how Munters Drives stacks up to a belt drive of the same fan model.

Each barn was equipped with electric usage meters to accurately measure the energy consumption of the fans. The system was installed and measured for multiple flocks. Like any real-world installation, after installing the equipment, the first flock was placed and used as a pilot to establish efficiency standards and optimal controller setup.


Over the three flocks of birds, the daily kW usage was reduced by up to 50% with an average of 32% reduction in kW usage. By using the Munters Drive technology the building temperature control was very precise. Studies show that controlling the temperature inside the buildings makes for more productive birds; Munters drive does that precisely and efficiently.

Quick facts

  • Up to 50% Reduction in energy usage
  • Average of 32% reduction in kW usage
  • Controlling the temperature inside the buildings makes for more productive birds
  • DOWNLOAD Case Study Griffith, AUS

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