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Combined Temperature and Humidity Control

Combined Temperature and Humidity Control

Manufactures often require the ability to control temperature and humidity independently Munters’ air treatment systems are designed to cost-effectively provide humidity control on an as-needed basis, whilst maintaining desired operating and supply temperatures.

Reduce energy costs thanks to desiccant rotor technology

Munters' energy efficient commercial and industrial air conditioning systems make smart use of desiccant rotor technology to significantly reduce energy costs whilst delivering precise climate conditions. The systems include energy recovery and desiccant dehumidification to control the air supplied. 

The systems have the flexibility to handle various combinations of temperature and humidity control. Munters optimized industrial humidily removal and DOAS solutions can provide extremely dry air to handle peak latent design conditions in the controlled space, then operate at reduced input capacity to minimize energy consumption and provide more moderate humidity levels of supply air during times when the controlled space latent load is less extreme.

The systems maintain the desired space temperature and humidity condition, whilst offering exceptional flexibility to respond to changing loads that occur. The systems have the ability to respond to wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity in an energy efficient manner.


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