Civil Aviation and Space

In aircraft manufacturing processes, climate control is of vital importance to guarantee the right quality of the manufactured components and the aircraft as a whole. Munters supplies solutions for several areas in the manufacturing process.

Production of composite materials cannot be done without proper climate control, both for quality as well as curing speed. When painting aircraft it is important to minimize static conditions, as this will result in uneven paint thickness and poor quality of the paint job in general. Munters has proven solutions available to maintain the desired level of climate.

Aircraft or aircraft parts and systems will benefit from controlled humidity, as it reduces corrosion risk and possible expensive electronic failures to avionics and systems. One common cause of these humidity related problems is the moisture being absorbed into the insulation blankets during flight. This causes a micro climate inside the aircraft that will increase structural corrosion inside the pressure cabin and will influence avionics and systems behavior and its interfacing through cables and connectors. Also simple components such as aircraft tires benefit from a controlled storage as it prevents corrosion on the metal webbing inside the tires.

High-end testing rooms for aircraft need the capability to simulate a wide range of climate conditions. Munters has the technologies in house to create such climates.

Munters is proud that its technologies and components have also been introduced into flying aircraft through CTT Systems’ Cair and Zonal Drying System. These systems solve extreme low humidity problems for passengers and crew as well as condensation problems on the inside of the outer skin and subsequent absorption of moisture into the insulation blankets.

Also Space programs benefit from Munters capabilities. Over the years we have supplied our industrial climate solutions to organizations like NASA and ESA. Additionally, major suppliers to space programs, such as Lockheed-Martin, have been using Munters technologies to control drying times of water based paint applied on the enormous fuel tank for the Space Shuttle. ESA components transported to their launch site in Kourou, French Guyana are frequently placed in dehumidified containers, so that the highest quality of these components are maintained during transport and storage, right up to the moment where these items are mounted into the Ariane launch system.

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