Temporary Structures

Temporary structures are structures which are erected to fill a temporary need, lasting for hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months instead of years.

There are a number of uses for temporary structures, including events, trade-shows, exhibitions, camping trips, temporary housing for construction people working on engineering projects etc.

A typical temporary structure is designed to provide shelter to people, products, equipment, animals, or anything else which needs to be sheltered from the elements. However, conditions such as heat, humidity or dampness can have a negative effect on comfort levels, as well as pose a risk to equipment or the structure itself. This can lead to health and safety issues, insurance headaches and of course, it can affect attendance at major events and exhibitions.

Temp structures.png

Unlike with permanent buildings, it is impractical to install stationairy air-conditioning or dehumidifier units to eliminate these issues. Munters’ range of FCA evaporative air coolers and MDR refrigerant dehumidifiers are the ideal range to provide the solution to the specific needs to temporary structures.

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