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“We take our Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously.”

As a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutions, we at Munters take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. We understand how we impact the world we all live in.

This is why at Munters we work every day to create "Your Perfect Climate". For our customers, we provide products and solutions that reduce their energy consumption. This contributes to the reduction of the world's emissions.

In our manufacturing we have a sustainable approach, focusing on efficient usage of natural resources, while reducing and recycling our waste. Because at Munters, one of our core values is to think "there is always a better way".

We have made significant improvements but we pledge to always seek opportunities to improve our products as well as our manufacturing practices.

Munters will continue to be a part of creating a sustainable future for everyone.

John Peter Leesi
CEO, Munters Group AB

Munters’ Sustainability Agenda

Sustainability is a fundamental part of Munters’ long-term strategy and value creation. To verify that our strategic priorities in the field of sustainability are correct, we get information and draw inspiration via various channels. For example, we monitor which macro-trends – both long and short-term – are the most important. Another source of valuable information is monitoring the work of the UN and other countries around Agenda 2030. We communicate continually with our most important stakeholders – business partners, employees, and the capital market – in order to understand which issues they are prioritizing in the field of sustainability.

Based on the materiality analysis, we have defined Munters’ Sustainability Agenda, and in 2017 we began the work on setting goals, activities, and metrics for our eight areas of focus. This work will continue throughout 2018.

Initially, we chose to prioritize the work on the focus areas connected to the parts of the value chain where we feel we have the greatest possibility of exerting our own influence, such as product development, sourcing, sales through own employees and own manufacturing.

There are other areas in the value chain where we have less possibility of direct influence, for example, how the customer uses and recycles the product, and transportation – especially when customers or suppliers are responsible for it. These areas are also important, in order for us to be able to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, and we will therefore work further on also setting goals, activities, and metrics in these areas.

Our eight focus areas

 Icon Resource efficiency

1. Sustainable products and offerings

We strive to offer our customers energy- and resource-efficient solutions so that they can reduce their environmental impact.

2. Sustainable production

We reduce our own environmental impact through energy- and resource-efficient production units.

3. Sustainable transportation

We limit the environmental impact of all the transportation we utilize.

 Icon Responsible business practice

4. Sustainable, profitable operations

We create value for our stakeholders, such as shareholders and employees, by carrying out a sustainable and profitable business.

5. Business ethics

We conduct our operations ethically, honestly, and in compliance with of the law. Sound decisions and ethical choices in our daily work build confidence in each other as well as our customers and collaborating partners.


 6. Collaborating with like-minded

We expect our collaborating partners – such as suppliers and distributors – to observe the same business ethics guidelines that we have pledged ourselves to.

 Ikon Människor och samhälle

7. An equal and inclusive work environment

We offer a fair, safe, and inclusive workplace to a workforce marked by diversity.


8. Community involvement

We conduct a dialogue with our stakeholders and with the local communities where we operate.


Munters and Global Goals 2030

Munters supports the goals of UN:s Agenda 2030 and has analyzed what they mean for our operations and which goals are the most relevant to us – the ones where we can contribute and make the greatest difference. 

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Environment, Health & Safety

Munters is committed to environmentally friendly and compliant operations. We continuously seek risk reductions as well as opportunities to create a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly workplace for our employees, customers, communities, and the overall environment.

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Social Responsibility

Man on a mountainMunters is committed to the highest level of business ethics and integrity in every aspect of our operations. Munters brand shall always be associated with a socially and ethically responsible behavior, respect for human rights, good working conditions and sound business practice.

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