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Military Infrastructure

In addition to working directly on weapon systems, Munters solutions can also be used to condition complete buildings, hangars, above or underground bunkers and other defense infrastructure.

The inside of infrastructure itself and equipment placed in it can be provided with an optimal climate, minimizing quality loss and maintenance costs whilst ensuring instant equipment  readiness and availability.

Avoiding damaging condensation from forming on military equipment requires relative humidity (RH) to be maintained at a low level.  Achieving this by heating the air is extremely wasteful and consumes a huge amount of expensive energy.  Desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture and maintain appropriate levels of RH without the need to increase the temperature, thus generating very substantial energy savings.

Munters also supplies a wide range energy efficient comfort solutions for military personnel and workers. These solutions range from use of Munters DryCool DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems) to heat recovery and ventilation, direct evaporative cooling (also sometimes called “desert cooling”) and indirect evaporative cooling.  All these Munters technologies have one thing in common: keeping operating cost as low as possible.   Applications include office spaces, sports and recreational areas, dormitories, swimming pools, natatorium, briefing rooms and auditoria.

In some cases, infrastructure is used to specifically dry items, such as wet combat clothes or parachutes, and Munters provides optimal solutions for these drying rooms.

With the right climate supplied, valuable equipment inside the infrastructure is protected optimally and personnel can work in a comfortable climate. Again, Munters’ experience guarantees effective and efficient long term solutions, with comprehensive service support available.

Military Infrastructure case studies

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