Combined Temperature & Humidity Control

Manufactures often require the ability to control temperature and humidity independently Munters’ air treatment systems are designed to cost-effectively provide humidity control on an as-needed basis, whilst maintaining desired operating and supply temperatures. These systems are ideally suited to sensitive food and pharmaceutical process and preservation applications. The Farm Series range of climate controllers from Munters for livestock farming offers a wide variety of control solutions for livestock structures; from base models to more sophisticated control models. The climate controllers control temperature and humidity by orchestrating the house equipment and making sure the correct amount of feed is supplied to the animals.

Agricultural Control Systems

  • Farm Series controls

    Farm Series controls

    The Farm Series range of climate controllers from Munters offers a wide…

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  • 5000 series controls

    5000 series controls

    The ultimate building management tool From the simplest on/off thermostats…

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  • CC24-7 Series

    CC24-7 Series

    The CC24-7 controls are the ultimate management tools.

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  • Farm Scales

    Farm Scales

    Farm Scale Serie is an advanced and automatic standalone live bird scale…

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  • Farm Accessories Controls

    Farm Accessories Controls

    Customize your system with these Farm Series Control Accessories. Designed…

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  • Agricultural/Horticultural Control Accessories

    Agricultural/Horticultural Control Accessories

    Take control over your building with added control accessories.

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Alarms & Communication

  • Farm Alarms & Communications

    Farm Alarms & Communications

    Munters' Alarms & Comminications series is an integrated remote…

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  • AgriAlert Control Series

    AgriAlert Control Series

    Alarm systems are designed to detect common site problems and failures,…

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Climate systems - temperature and humidity

  •  MX² Plus Climate System

    MX² Plus Climate System

    The heart of the MX² Plus Climate System is Munters’ new and highly energy…

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Complete Air Handling Units

  • DryCool™ DuraCase

    DryCool™ DuraCase

    Munters DryCool™ DuraCase provides operators the ability to control…

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  • Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA)

    Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA)

    Custom air handling system with system capacities from 500 cfm to over…

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  • Desiccant Dehumidification System DDS

    Desiccant Dehumidification System DDS

    Basic desiccant dehumidifiers or custom total environmental control…

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  • HCD Series

    HCD Series

    Munters HCD series desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently…

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  • DryCool® Standard

    DryCool® Standard

    Primarily designed to be a dedicated outdoor air unit delivering space…

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  • FreeDry™


    FreeDry™ combines advanced desiccant dehumidification technology utilizing…

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  • DryCool® ERV

    DryCool® ERV

    The Munters DryCool® ERV product combines the benefits of desiccant…

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  • R-Series


    Munters R-Series dehumidifiers provide the rental industry with a line of…

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  • DryCool™ Rental

    DryCool™ Rental

    Munters DryCool™ Rental Series provides the rental industry with an energy…

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  • GC Mobile Air Heater

    GC Mobile Air Heater

    Munters off-the-shelf desiccant dehumidifiers combine state-of-the-art…

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  • HC


    Munters HC series are off-the-shelf desiccant dehumidifiers that combine…

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  • HCE Series

    HCE Series

    Munters HCE series dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently dehumidify…

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