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Munters has a solid and far ranging experience in designing & manufacturing climate control systems for dairy facilities.

Heat stress can be a problem all year, or just for a part of the year. Providing proper ventilation has a dramatic effect on overall productivity and comfort. Dairy cows not affected by heat stress produce more milk; have lower respiration rates, higher conception rates (resulting in more cow pregnancies) and overall better health. 

Munters ventilation systems are engineered to provide precise control of the climate inside the facility, even when the climate outside of the building is extreme or changing. Munters have solutions for both natural and forced ventilation solutions, carefully designed to suit the farmer and his/her operations.

Curtains are often used in Dairy buildings and Munters have a wide array of curtains for intensive dairy farm operations, most of which are in TEX glass quality. This material is UV resistant, allows daylight penetration and is treated against static electricity, which means that dust and dirt does not stick to the material.

The circulation fans of our system are designed to provide non-disruptive air movement, keeping the dairy cows comfortable. By preventing heat stress, production decreases can be avoided and farmers are able to maintain a stable milk production to comply with commercial agreements.

In hot climates it is often necessary to complete the climate control system with a cooling system, a wet wall of evaporative cooling pads. The cooler air resulting from this together with the airspeed from the extraction and circulation fans creates a great cooling footprint which maximizes Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and production output.
The climate components installed in the house are automatically managed by a control unit and by means of a communication system the farmer can check the climate system in the dairy house directly from his own PC.

Climate conditions are controlled with a range of Munters products including ventilation fans, evaporative cooling, curtains and precision controls.

 Munters has the equipment and knowledge to help you take control and produce your perfect climate.


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