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Digital greenhouse climate control systems

Step into the realm of advanced greenhouse management with digital control systems. Explore how technology empowers you to fine-tune every aspect of your greenhouse environment for optimal plant growth.

Optimize ventilation with Munters Green Climate Controller

Achieving the perfect airflow in your greenhouse is a breeze with the Munters Green Climate Controller. This smart system provides precision control over ventilation and circulation. You can manage vents, control air circulation, and adapt control based on environmental triggers. With real- time adjustments, your plants enjoy consistent airflow, ensuring they thrive in the healthiest conditions. Whether you have a single greenhouse or a network with up to 50 zones, this controller makes ventilation management easy. Integrate it with Green Net for remote control,configuration, and performance analysis.

Discover the Munters Green Climate Controller

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Greenhouse temperature management for cold regions

When it comes to greenhouse heating, the Munters Green Climate Controller stands out as your ideal solution. This system offers advanced control over heating with options for on/off heating and water heating networks. Using the controller’s algorithm to upgrade your heating network ensures precise calculations, performance, and energy efficiency. With up to five water heating networks per zone, you can tailor the heating to your exact requirements. Whether maintaining the perfect temperature for seedlings or providing warmth during colder months, the Green Climate Controller ensures your plants thrive.

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Staying cool with precision cooling techniques

Combat soaring temperatures and create the ideal environment for your greenhouse with the Munters Green Climate Controller. This system excels at cooling solutions. You can control misting, fans, cooling pads and shading with precision. The PID control by temperature, relative humidity (RH), and virtual private database triggers ensure efficient cooling. With up to eight misting valves per zone and eight fan stages, your greenhouse stays comfortably cool, even during heatwaves. It's not just about temperature; it's about providing your plants with the conditions they need to thrive.

Integrate this controller with Munters Green Net for remote control, configuration and performance analysis, keeping your greenhouse climate in perfect harmony.

Learn more about effective greenhouse cooling

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Climate control for large-scale greenhouse operations

Designed to meet the demands of expansive agricultural enterprises, our climate control systems provide unparalleled control over every aspect of the greenhouse environment.

One of the key advantages for large- scale businesses is its scalability. With the capacity to manage up to 50 climate zones, our Green Climate Controllers ensure uniform conditions across extensive greenhouse networks. Real-time responses to changing weather patterns, advanced data analysis and remote configuration using Green Net empower greenhouse managers to optimize resource use and crop growth at scale.

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Greenhouse brochure

Munters' greenhouse solutions optimize climate and irrigation for thriving plants. Effortless control, maximized yield. Explore inside!

Climate and irrigation controllers

Munters greenhouse climate and irrigation controllers automate watering, heating and cooling for maximum yield and reduced waste. Manage crops remotely with advanced smartphone app & software. Learn more!

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