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Desiccant dehumidification is solving numerous problems in the recreation and leisure industry.

Due to high moisture load in many of these installations, traditional air handling units are unable to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

The big challenge in creating a convenient indoor climate in ice rinks, swimming arenas and sports arenas/fitness centres is mainly the big surface of either ice or water, combined with higher air temperature and a varying number of people present. The moisture load causes condensation, creating numerous problems.

Building structures are affected by mold and corrosion, a humid indoor climate forms the perfect base for growth of both mould and bacteria resulting in an unhealthy indoor air quality effecting athletes’ performance, not to mention the effect on the comfort levels of paying customers.

Only by controlling the relative humidity can the mentioned problems be avoided and for decades, Munters’ desiccant dehumidification solutions have been proven to secure the optimal climate in all types of sport facilities.

In theatres, sports arenas/fitness centers, where central air-conditioning is running throughout the year, fresh can become restricted leading to a stifling and uncomfortable environment, not to mention increased energy costs for the business owner. Munters evaporative coolers provide energy efficient and cost effective ventilation and cooling solution to solve this problem in most recreation and leisure places.

Munters commercial coolers are designed to provide efficient and consistent cooling and comfort for commercial and public buildings as well as outdoor public areas.


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    Corrosion, or the oxidation of metal, is heavily influenced by the presence of moisture in the air.

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    When water evaporates it becomes water vapour. When this comes into contact with cool surfaces, condensation drips onto walls, ceilings and products

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    Ice & Frost Build Up in Cold Rooms

    Ice and frost in and on chilled and frozen food affects productivity, quality and safety.

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    Mold and Bacteria

    Moist air which is laden with bacteria can increase the potential for contamination in production and storage.

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