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Munters equipment precisely controls temperature and humidity to provide optimal conditions, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, and also improve doctor and patient comfort.

Healthcare Industry

Areas in Healthcare Facilities that Require Dehumidification

  • Surgical and operating rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Medical equipment rooms
  • Wards

General Recommendations for Healthcare Facilities

Surgical operations that require cooler space conditions need substantially drier supplied air in order to maintain 50% space relative humidity (RH). Common areas are generally maintained at 75°F and 50% RH, which equates to a 55°F dew point. Operating rooms are often maintained at 60°F and also must be kept at 50% RH, but this equates to a 41°F dew point.

Healthcare Applications That Require Dehumidification

  • Bacterial and virus prevention
  • Everyday comfort for surgeons
  • Optimal temperature and humidity conditions for hospitals and medical equipment

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

Humidity in healthcare facilities can cause microbiological growth, discomfort for surgeons, the deterioration of critical medical equipment, and an unsafe environment for patient recovery. Controlling humidity in hospitals is extremely important, but the fear of mold and bacteria is not the only factor for the requirement of dehumidification. Surgeons are demanding cooler, drier operating room conditions. Hospital administration has prioritized indoor environmental conditions, not just for the safety of the patient, but also to improve the efficiency and quality of work life for the surgeon.


Hospital applications require cooler temperatures and lower dew points. Desiccant technology is an optimal method to achieve these operating room conditions and helps reduce the cost of equipment investment. Hospital engineers are challenged with the daunting task of employing HVAC systems that provide the proper amount of fresh outside air, HEPA filtration, air changes, and temperature and humidity control. The proper selection and sizing of dehumidification equipment is critical for the HVAC system efficiency and basic hospital operation.

Advantages with Munters

Munters' hospital dehumidification systems recover waste energy for desiccant regeneration and significantly reduce the operating cost for the building. Our humidity control technology supplies the proper amount of fresh air and meets any space design temperature and humidity conditions demanded by the surgeon without compromising on energy efficiency.

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