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Humidity control is an important factor for stable and predictable pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical production. From R&D labs to bulk production, humidity can affect both the chemical and mechanical properties of formulations, which can lead to quality issues and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) challenges. Laboratory and pharmaceutical product dehumidification systems can be the right solution to help prevent moisture issues during the production process for tablets, capsules, powders, and strips.

Humidity Control on Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Production

Manufacturing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products require an accurate climate-controlled environment. Examples of these products are the following:

  • Powders
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Diagnostic strips
  • Granulate

Applications That Require Dehumidification

Dehumidification plays a critical role on the following applications to achieve the desired results:

  • Tableting
  • Compressing
  • Storage
  • Conveying
  • Weighing, Mixing, and Blending
  • Clean Room and R&D Lab
  • Product Drying
  • Packaging 
  • Product Storage

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products are sensitive products that can often lose quality and shelf life when they come into contact with moisture in the air. They stick together, become moldy or break apart. Machines and pipes become clogged and production, transport, and storage are impeded. This is a cost and time-intensive situation that can be avoided with a desiccant dehumidifier.


The most effective way to protect raw materials and products during production, storage and transport is to control the surrounding environment. The key is the continuous regulation and monitoring of air humidity levels during all production processes, from raw material to end product, maintaining optimum conditions all year round.

Advantages with Munters

All through the life cycle of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) development and production, Munters has a range of flexible solutions that deliver stable environmental conditions regardless of the weather or season, and deliver your air quality requirements with fixed airflows and HEPA filtration.

Starting in R&D labs, our dehumidifiers for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing can be used to control the relative humidity levels of isolators and glove boxes, and allow fine tuning of the optimal humidity level for producing stable formulations making them the right choice when developing tablets, capsules, powders, and strips.

Munters can provide custom-designed air dehumidification solutions for every single area of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production. Whether in silos, production facilities, warehouses or transport, air humidity is consistently and precisely controlled. Munters systems provide considerable energy and cost savings, incorporating environmentally-friendly technology. Production capacity as well as hygiene conditions also improve considerably thanks to the effect of controlled humidity.

Want the full story about dehumidification benefits?

Want to find out more about how you get the right climate for your pharmaceutical process? Read the Munters white paper to get the full story.


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