Dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use

Munters offer robust and quality desiccant dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use.

Stand alone dehumidifiers

  • IceDry®


    Munters IceDry has been specially designed for installation in cold stores…

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Complete Air Handling Units

  • HCD Series

    HCD Series

    Munters HCD series desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently…

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  • Desiccant Dehumidification System DDS

    Desiccant Dehumidification System DDS

    Basic desiccant dehumidifiers or custom total environmental control…

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  • Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA)

    Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA)

    Custom air handling system with system capacities from 500 cfm to over…

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  • DryCool™ DuraCase

    DryCool™ DuraCase

    Munters DryCool™ DuraCase provides operators the ability to control…

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  • DryCool® ERV

    DryCool® ERV

    The Munters DryCool® ERV product combines the benefits of desiccant…

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  • DryCool® Standard

    DryCool® Standard

    Primarily designed to be a dedicated outdoor air unit delivering space…

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  • FreeDry™


    FreeDry™ combines advanced desiccant dehumidification technology utilizing…

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  • R-Series


    Munters R-Series dehumidifiers provide the rental industry with a line of…

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  • DryCool™ Rental

    DryCool™ Rental

    Munters DryCool™ Rental Series provides the rental industry with an energy…

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Climate systems - temperature and humidity

  •  MX² Plus Climate System

    MX² Plus Climate System

    The heart of the MX² Plus Climate System is Munters’ new and highly energy…

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  • GC Mobile Air Heater

    GC Mobile Air Heater

    Munters off-the-shelf desiccant dehumidifiers combine state-of-the-art…

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  • HC


    Munters HC series are off-the-shelf desiccant dehumidifiers that combine…

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  • HCE Series

    HCE Series

    Munters HCE series dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently dehumidify…

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Small desiccant dehumidifiers

  • M Series

    M Series

    Small, solid units designed for use in minor archives, depots, waterworks,…

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