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HM3 2000

Humimax™ HM3 Series

  • Overlegen styringsfunktionalitet
  • Yderst præcis styring af den relative luftfugtighed
  • Ingen risiko for overmætning af luften
  • Modulerende styring af ventilatorhastighed
  • Lavt støjniveau
  • Lave driftsomkostninger
  • Nem og enkel installation
  • Lavt energiforbrug



Humimax™ is a series of self contained humidifier units. The HM3 2000 is a stand alone humidifier with a nominal airflow of 2000m3/h. It provides excellent humidification as well as automatic control of humidity levels throughout a broad range of application areas, such as print houses, wood and furniture storages, museums and computer rooms as well as vegetable and fruit storage. The unit is designed to keep an optimum balance between required humidification efficiency and stability, as well as very low energy consumption. Easy installation (plug and play) and maintenance has been the main focus during product development.

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