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Future Thinking & Design Concepts Award

Munters, Gardners DC Solutions & DigiPlex win Future Thinking & Design Concepts Award - DataCentreDynamics

The winning partnership, comprising Munters Air Treatment, Digiplex and Gardner DC Solutions, received the award for developing a unique Modular Data Centre concept, incorporating Munters patented Indirect Evaporative Cooling System, packaged within a structural, self-contained iModulus pod. By working together in a collaborative partnership, a complete state of the art data centre concept was born.

This Award recognises the innovative thinking that is shaping the next generation of cutting edge data centre solutions. With the challenges confronting the industry now hitting harder than ever before, so this solution has been developed and raises the bar in terms of innovation, ease of deployment and 'real world' application.

Munters Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology contributed to the winning entry with:

  • Zero risk of contamination to DC Space
  • Self cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy deployment
  • No added moisture / humidity – reducing server corrosion
  • Proven installations world wide
  • All types of water can be used including rainwater harvesting.
  • Independent Vincotte water report shows No Risk of proliferation of Legionella
  • Technology unlocks the potential for the Hypoxic Fire Suppression System

The combination of technologies which are considered "Best in Class" in their own right, have been combined in a solution that represents a true breakthrough, and uses Munters indirect evaporative cooling technology to "unlock" the full potential for the Hypoxic Fire Suppression System, all built into the iModulus special construction system.

Neil Yule, Global Business Development Director of Munters Air Treatment, attended the ceremony, to see Anders Korshavn of DigiPlex, Dan Luxford of Gardners and Jon Pettitt of Munters collect the award.

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