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Service for Mass Transfer

Service for Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer services include product testing, site service, feasability studies and troubleshooting.

Product Testing

Munters maintains an in-house facility to test various kinds of distributors.

Tests are conducted with water (in the absence of any gas flow). For distributors up to 8 meters in diameter and a flow rate up to 750 m3/h we ensure a flow variation of less than 10% under various conditions.

Site Service 

We also provide installation services on plant site. Our service is not limited to mass transfer equipment designed and supplied by us. 

Technical Guidance on Site
If installation is done by local contractors, Munters is able to provide supervisory services. Our aim is to offer quick and reliable solutions during installation.

Feasibility study

We carry out complete feasibility study for re-fittings and new projects. The range of service includes process simulation, hydraulic design of columns, and preparation of preliminary G.A. drawing of columns, be it design or drafting of absorber, stripper, fractionator or extractor. Our vast experience in several industries and access to libraries, coupled with our own archives of past jobs, has helped us to create a strong database in various mass transfer applications. Our experienced technical staff are a phone call away. 


You can rely on us for almost any emergency guidance within design, engineering, drawing, supply or site related problems. Our large manufacturing capacity of components like random packing, valves, etc. can take care of your typical emergency replenishment requirements during unplanned downtime.

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