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Agromek Prize for air cleaner

Air cleaner from Munters wins the Agromek Prize 2012

The Munters horizontal air cleaner which reduces ammonia from swine and poultry buildings received one out of two prizes for swine at Agromek 2012.

The air cleaner reduces ammonia from the air without using filter material. First a mist of water and sulphuric acid binds to the ammonia. Then the ammonia droplets reach droplet separators, and the liquid will be collected into the slurry.

The Prize Committee found, that the huge advantage with this air cleaner is, that is does not have a filter to clean. It also means a high pressure drop will not occur, which can be quite costly.

The Prize Committee found the simple construction and the low energy cost gives advantages. It also includes the possibilities for easy cleaning, service and installation, states the committee.