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Dividend policy

According to the dividend policy adopted by the Board of Directors, Munters’ aim is to pay an annual dividend corresponding to 30–50 percent of net income for the year. The pay-out decision will be based on the company’s financial position, investment needs, acquisitions and liquidity position. There can be no assurances that in any given year a dividend will be proposed or declared, however.


During 2019 Munters made major changes to the overall overhead cost structure, reducing its employees by approximately 500 and is reporting a loss for the year. Major efforts went into stabilizing the business, ensuring value creation in all units. The work with sta-bilizing operations and make continuous improvement will continue in 2020. In order to ensure long-term profitable growth, 2020 will entail investments in research and development and initiatives to drive synergies across the Group. On the basis of the current situa-tion combined with the strategic intentions for the future, the Board of Directors proposed to pay no dividend for 2019.

Dividend history

No dividend was paid out in 2018.

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