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Munters in short

A world leading supplier of climate solutions for the future

Munters is a global leader in climate solutions for mission-critical processes. We offer innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for customers in industries where controlling indoor humidity, temperature and energy efficiency is mission-critical. Climate control systems often account for a large percentage of the energy consumption in many of our customers’ operations. With an optimal climate system, we can help them to more efficiently use energy or water resources, and thereby reduce their climate and environmental impact. Sustainability is an important part of Munters’ business strategy and value creation. 


Net Sales, 2022

Adj. EBITA margin

Innovative solutions
SEK 10.4
10.3% 1955
Number of
Number of  plants Manufacturing
sales, countries
3,940 19 >30


map mis eng.png


Munters business areas

Munters conducts operations in three business areas: AirTech, FoodTech and Data Center Technologies.

Production environment


AirTech is a global leader in energy-efficient air treatment for industrial and commercial applications. We offer solutions for mission-critical processes that require exact control of moisture and temperature, with a focus on
sustainable climate systems. Our systems also provide better indoor air quality and comfort, as well as increased production capacity.


data center

Data Center Technologies

Data Center Technologies (DCT) is a technology leader that
supplies advanced climate cooling solutions for data centers. With a diversified portfolio of patented products and extensive application knowledge, we create energy-saving solutions for data center operators worldwide.



Tomatoes in greenhouse

FoodTech is of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative and energy-efficient climate systems for livestock farming and greenhouses, as well as software to control and optimize the entire food production value chain. FoodTech’s solutions increase productivity while enabling sustainable food production where high demands are placed on quality, animal health and food safety.

Management team

Read more about the management team.

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