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LFd36 Filtro de luz

LFd series Filtro de luz

  • Gran reducción de entrada de luz
  • Pequeña resistencia al flujo de aire
  • Ideal para su montaje en ventiladores
  • Ideal para su montaje en entradas de aire
  • Ideal para su montaje en aberturas de pared
  • Fácil de limpiar
  • Dimensiones compactas para facilitar el transporte
  • Rápido y fácil de montar


Descripción del producto

Light control plays an important role in modern poultry farming. Having adequate light control enables a grower to reap benefits by achieving excellent production goals. This is especially true for rearing farms. The first step in gaining light control inside a poultry house is to have a light tight structure. A very practical problem faced with making a poultry house light tight is the necessity to have ventilation openings in the structure. These allow for fresh air to enter the structure as well as for the extraction of stale air and, unfortunately, for daylight to penetrate the structure through both the air inlet and exhaust openings. Light filters can be used to solve this problem, allowing air movement through but absorbing the light. In a light filter curved vanes are used to reflect light back and forth between the two sides of the vanes. Each reflection absorbs some of the light, thereby decreasing its intensity. The curvature of these vanes should be such that it gives a balanced combination of creating many light reflections and yet not disturb the air flow passage through the vanes excessively. Experienced design engineers within Munters used state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to obtain just such a balanced design. The LFd can be applied to both air inlet and exhaust openings to create dark-out conditions inside a poultry house while there is bright sunshine outside. On such a day light levels outside can be as high as 160,000 lux. After passing through the LFd the light level can be reduced to 0.12 lux, creating total darkness.

  • Especificaciones técnicas
Anchura 1,100 mm
Altura 1,100 mm
Profundidad 230 mm
Peso 23 kg
Abertura de entrada 1,1 m2

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