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Dutch defense benefits from maintenance partnership

In the 1980’s, the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) started to dehumidify their equipment to protect it against humidity´s degrading effect. It was already common knowledge that humidity is a key factor in corrosion processes and mold growth. But the RNLA decided it was time to take action when they realized that more and more sophisticated, and expensive, electronics suffer from humidity and this greatly increasing maintenance costs.

Starting with Dry Air Protection for equipment in long-term storage, it was soon decided to also protect equipment that was used every day. A great deal of operational equipment sits still in the barracks parking lot more then 85% of the time suffering from ambient humidity, especially during cooler nights. Soldiers returning to their equipment in the morning would frequently find puddles of water on the floor of their armored vehicles, a clear indication that humidity was taking its toll. Then system errors would occur when starting up onboard electronics equipment, which needed repair or other corrective action.

Munters was asked to help design a solution that would allow vehicles to be hooked up to a Dry Air System (DAS) within one minute. By simply connecting a flexible hose to an opening in the weapon system, dry air is blown inside the object and the damaging effects of moisture are eliminated. The result has been remarkable: less corrosion, less electronic malfunctions, less repairs, better availability and lower maintenance cost.

RNLA appreciates Munters support

One crucial aspect was that the RNLA recognized that the Munters sorption technology was far superior to refrigerant-based dehumidification. The ability to work under any climatic condition, even below 0° Celsius, with adequate moisture removal capacity, much lower lifecycle cost and longer service life are the main features of this technology.

The RNLA was happy with the results of their partnership with Munters that they asked us to be completely system responsible, i.e. being fully responsible for the correct functioning of the DAS equipment, including yearly maintenance on all dehumidification equipment and the integration of DAS on each new type of vehicle. The RNLA has over 2000 Munters units. Most that were delivered almost twenty years ago have received a mid-life refurbishment and will be in service for many more years to come, proving that choosing Munters equipment was very effective and economical.

The RNLA is currently modernizing parking areas on many of their barracks. The roof constructions in the parking area will hold all of the latest RNLA vehicles: Leopard 2A6, Pantzerhouwitser 2000, CV90NL, Fennek, Boxer and other vehicles. Munters are now installing more then 160 M200 dehumidifiers for all these different types of vehicles. A distribution system supplies dry air from each dehumidifier to five or six vehicles parked under the roof. After installation, Munters will support the RNLA with unit maintenance, inspections and calibration of control systems sensors.

Datos básicos

  • Long service life and low lifecycle cost
  • Superior to refrigerant-based dehumidification
  • Works in any climate
  • Munters is experienced supporting defense organizations

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