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IceDry® improves operation and safety at Coldstar

Munters presented a tailor made IceDry® solution where dry air ensures that condensation is reduced to a minimum - going directly to the root of the problem - and hereby preventing all of the above mentioned problems. The Coldstar solution itself is unique by its ability to instantly redirect the dry air to the required areas.

The IceDry® dehumidification system is designed to provide continuous dehumidification of the handling room and also to supply dry air to one or more of the loading docks on request. When a truck enters one of the 6 docks for loading/unloading, dry air is immediately supplied directly into that dock, ensuring the air has a low relative humidity as it enters the handling room.

One IceDry®3000 unit was installed at both ends of the handling room. Ducts lead the dry air to all 6 gates from where it is fed into the docks when needed, and continuously into the handling room. This flexibility ensures an optimised use of the dehumidification system. The solution has been adapted perfectly to meet with Coldstars' procedures and requests and the system is the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia.

Problems with ice formations, slippery floors and fogging now belong in the past and Coldstar can confirm that the working and safety conditions for their employees have been considerably improved and the loading and unloading of goods is now carried out in a faster and safer way.

Munters IceDry® system has proven so successful in over 600 coldstores across the world that it has won the prestigious 2006 European FoodTec Silver Award for innovation.

The award criteria for recognition was the successful implementation of innovative concepts in the Food Industry to improve processing, the environmental conditions and safety.

All in all, IceDry® saves energy and time, ensuring high product quality and minimises the risk of accidents. The recipe for dry air is not a secret, why not look on for a wealth of case studies - it’s worth the visit.

At Coldstar in Vejle, Denmark, a cold store at 125,000m3 functions as a transit and distribution store for customers within the catering industry and supermarkets all over Denmark. Approximately 30 people are employed at this highly advanced cold store which meets all requirements for the unbroken coldchain.

Issues occurred in the areas between the cold store and the loading bays. Approx. 30-40 times a day trucks are being loaded/unloaded at the loading bay area and the moisture-laden air from the atmosphere enters into the handling room (3510m3) which divides the cold store from the loading docks. When this warmer and more humid air meets with the cold air from the handling room, (-22C), condensation is created, causing wet and slippery floors, ice on the mirrors at the conveyers, fogging and problems with the functionality of the photo sensors. During the summer period these problems get even more serious as the water content of the outdoor air increases, causing even more condensation.

Datos básicos

  • Safe Working
  • Ice free floors
  • Faster loading
  • Clear visibility to read labelling
  • Increased refrigeration efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption

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