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Stack rain removal 

Clean emissions with a twist

Stack rain is a common problem for power plants and chemical industries and occurs when droplets of water are pushed out of the chimney. These droplets are dirty and can contain harmful chemicals, and if the stack rain is not handled in the right way it can cause real harm to the human beings and surrounding environment.
Munters Helix is the efficient, mechanical solution engineered to prevent stack rain and effectively clean exhaust gases in a reliable way. Also, as there are no moving parts it is easier to maintain and uses less power than chimneys with heat displacement system, which reduces your energy costs and limits your environmental impact, both locally and globally.

Clean, cost efficient and reliable
Many solutions designed to prevent harmful stack rain consume significant amounts of power or create additional service needs. Munters Helix works efficiently and reliably as it’s a mechanical system installed within the chimney itself.

The Helix runs around the inside of the chimney, and the gas flow is rotated by the design of the system. The droplets are forced/pushed to the chimney walls before they leave the stack. This forms a liquid film on the stack walls, which can then run back down the chimney via the troughs to be gathered and effectively disposed of or treated, while the exhaust vapour that leaves the top of the stack is free of large droplets.  

Quick facts about Helix 
Munters Helix is a unique solution which can be adapted and designed to your specific needs. The concept remains the same, but the actual system is customised to fit your process in the best way possible. This also dictates what we use to manufacture the Helix, as well as how we install it, ensuring that you get the most efficient mist elimination possible.

Helix Mist Eliminator System facts:

• For wet stacks with diameter ≥ 2 m
• Stack velocity up to 25 m/s
• Separation efficiency: 97% for droplets ≥ 0.3 mm
• Energy friendly operation by low pressure drop
• Material FRP or steel
• New installation or retrofit



Read the Helix brochure here


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